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Anyone can hatch an idea. God has blessed all with a creative mind that can paint a million pictures. But the problem arises when it is time to transfer the imaginary paintings on the canvas of reality. Developing a plot or an idea is easy but giving a concrete shape to the idea is no mean task. If you have a creative mind that is churning out innovative plots, then it is better to give it the shape of a book. But writing a book will be a tough challenge to accomplish if you lack the trick of preparing the foundation on which the story will build up.

Bringing expert Ghostwriting at your service

If you think that you lack the talent or the grip on the language that is required to compile a book, then getting in touch with the ghostwriters of Contentholic will be the perfect solution. Our writers are well-versed in the language and have a keen interest in utilizing their skills in giving proper shape to your ideas.

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As best content writing agency , we will make sure that your ideas see the light of the day through our pens. The first step towards compiling the idea is by understanding the plot from the client’s mouth. We believe that even if you do not possess the power of painting a vivid picture with words, you will be the only one to explain it in the best way. Once you describe the plot, we will take over from there.

Maintaining confidentiality of the clients

The disability of expressing yourself is not a major issue. Our writers will be your pen and compose the book on your behalf. We understand that the credibility of the author is all they have. So, we maintain and sign a confidentiality agreement with our clients. When it comes to charges, our fee is in conformity with the standard rates.

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