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Wikipedia is the epitome of credibility. It tells the world you are important and establishes you as someone people should know about. Being on wikipedia is indeed lucrative and happens to be a dream of many; but it is not easy as it seems and demands more than one can imagine.

Can I be on Wikipedia?

To understand if you can be on wikipedia or not - you must understand how it works. Wikipedia is nothing but compilation of facts on a subject which can be validated by an external credible source. To simplify, Wikipedia doesn’t tell you anything new that is not present on internet otherwise. But, it brings all scattered pieces of information on the internet or otherwise and put them together to make a comprehensive and informative piece on the subject.

What do I need to be on Wikipedia?

Well, to begin with, you need to do some good work in whatever field you are doing and make sure that you are being noticed by media, publications, bloggers and organisations and they are further writing about you and your work. Now, these links or publications can be used to cite whatever fact is being put in your wikipedia page. If you have absolutely no relevant links or publications talking about, this is where you start - build them via effective PR and ORM strategy.

What kind of links I need?

Credible links. Now what is credible and what is not is indeed subjective. Wikipedia has its own priorities. For wikipedia, the government websites are at the top; then comes the high level organisational websites and then come the news websites and other relevant publication platforms around the subject. So if you have an article about yourself on your friend’s blog, it is not going to work.

What does contentholic do?

We bring this all together. With our research, we tell you if it is even possible to create a page and if created, will it remain stable or not. Then we write the draft in the neutral tone (wikipedia page should not sound promotional) and weed out the information that is not relevant or those which can not be cited for. We then start creating the page via wikipedia editor and do linking within wikipedia to make it stronger. After a while, other editors in the world start commenting and editing it. It is more like that the whole world is against you but we keep fighting and keep modifying the page until the lords of wikipedia are happy with what we have written about you. If you don’t have enough links, we consult you on the PR tactics that can be used to build that reputation and make people talk about you.

If you think you should be on wikipedia, reach out to us and we will help you create a wikipedia page that would last.

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