As national SEO focuses more on ranking in searches across the country, local SEO prioritizes appearing on SERP on some specific location. With every update in Google algorithm, SEO experts had run out of a Local SEO Strategy to strengthen their visual appearance.  Google’s goal has always been to make the customer enjoy a convenient and easily navigable experience.

It seems more of a logical amendment towards enhancing the search engine’s user experience. Seek help from professionals if you are a beginner, and in order to do those, hire SEO Services in Delhi. They will plan your Google Maps SEO according to the Google Algorithm.

Here are 10 SEO tips that would surely help you in the long run:

  1. Listing on Google My Business

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    Get your business demonstrated on Google My Business. In order to plan the Google My Business SEO, you must confirm your local address, phone number, and the name of the business under Google My Business listing so that local customer can easily find you in the local area.

  2. Add the location signals

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    Do not forget to add the location signals; like if your workplace is close to some popular place, then mention that particular place as a benchmark to your address. This would help the buyer look for your products or services easily.

  3. Utilize the image in your content

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    The mere fact is that no one has time for reading the whole text content. So try to integrate as many images as you can in your image to draw the audience’s attention that is usually short of time but want to get all the information about your product or services.

  4. Talk about your services with videos

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     Video is the best way to bring the traffic of genuine customers. If you selling some product, you can post the video of that product by providing some valuable information for a better understanding about the products.

  5. Provide the best content for company section

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    Invest some quality time to write about your company and its services and post it on your company’s page. You can also showcase your skills and expertise in this section and let your buyers be captivated by your potential.

  6. Capitalize your niche

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    Analyze your niche and post the content which will add value to the already existing knowledge-base of the customers. Make sure that your writing provides some information to the person checking your page.

  7. Start blogging

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    It is one of the most credible ways to boost your ranking in the Google search. Your blogs should be written in such a way that they gather the attention of the customers.

  8. Feedbacks are must!

    Feedbacks are must!

    Ask your customer to give a feedback about your products. You might get some negative feedback from the customer as well, but that is how you will improve your weaker areas and promote your online reputation. For better understanding, learn 2018 guide to make your business’s online reputation.

  9. Create quality content

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    Quality content is a must for every site owners as it plays the major role in the engagement of customers. And also, to avoid getting penalized by Google, ensure that your web pages have unique content.

  10. Make your website is mobile-responsive

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    About 50% of mobile users prefer a mobile browser to an app. Hence, demand for mobile-friendly sites is increasing day by day. Every web designer focuses on developing a mobile-friendly site to make web designs to be molded accordingly. In case you need any help from a professional, you can look up to the best SEO Company in Delhi and get the solution of your query related to SEO.


You never know when Google will introduce new features on SERP for local SEO, so implement these 10 actionable strategies, and you will rule on Google search.