Even for the experienced marketers, SEO is a tough science to be understood. One thing is for sure that rightly done SEO can improve your page rank. There are many attempts being made in recent years to pour some light on Google ranking algorithm, but it still remains a mystery. However, search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing constantly update their algorithm in order to increase their Google Search Results Ranking and that is why, all the business owners, both veteran and newcomers need to make changes in their algorithm to stay up-to-date. And in case you are in hurry to increase your website ranking, you can take professional help from the best SEO Services in Delhi.

Getting your Website to the top of Google is your main goal that takes time and patience. But what if your page is not rank well as you expected? Don’t worry, because we’ve made it easy for you. Below you will find some ultimate SEO tricks to bring more qualified leads to your website:

  1. Optimize the content with pictures

    Optimize the content with picturesImage Credit – www.istockphoto.com

    Don’t deny the power of visuals as using the pictures in your content will get you more traffic. So you must learn optimizing your content for search engines if you want to rank your page at the top. However, don’t forget to add ALT tags to all your images as it will help Google robots crawl and index them on Google which ultimately results in more visibility of the website.

  2. Upgrade your blog

    Upgrade your blog

    A blog on your website will showcase your trust and loyalty towards your field. And longer blogs which are more than 500 words work better than a shorter one. So writing blogs for the website can make it website conventional and trustworthy.

  3. Write engaging blogs

    Write engaging blogsImage Credit – eightzero.co.uk

    While writing a blog, make sure that your topic is relevant to your industry and start writing for users instead of trying to impress Google. If a large number of users start reading your blog and find it useful, then Google will definitely improve your rankings.

  4. Work on your company’s URL

    Work on your company’s URLImage Credit – en.wiktionary.org

    Your URL should contain one of your prime keywords in order to make it more worthy. Also write simple, shorter and catchy URLs.

  5. Add HTTPS to your site

    Add HTTPS to your siteImage Credit – www.x-cart.com

    Remember to add HTTPS to your URL to make your site secured so that it will point out towards your site’s reliability among people.

  6. Link to authoritative sources

    Link to authoritative sourcesImage Credit – dsim.in

    Besides blogging, it is also important to link it to the reputed sources so that external WebPages reward your site with points which will benefit in your site ranking.

  7. Create Link building strategy

    Create Link building strategyImage Credit – edgeofthewebradio.com

    This is all about the ongoing linking from both ends. When you link to other credible site and then you get the link back is the key to bring more traffic to your site. You should not ask for the link though, it is about creating a relationship organically.

  8. Work on Analytics platform

    Work on Analytics platformImage Credit – www.smartdatacollective.com

    If you want a credible test for your website, then look up to some common analytics tool such as Google analytics, KISS metrics, CrazyEgg, and Open Web Analytics. So you must follow their tactics to boost your website ranking.

  9. Pay attention to your best-performing pages

    Pay attention to your best-performing pagesImage Credit – www.eschoolnews.com

    Preferably all you want is to increase ranking for your entire page. But it seems to be impossible for small business owners as they have limited time, energy, and resources. Work on optimizing pages of your site that are maybe between the 11th-20th position as these pages have more potential to get on the first page.

  10. Upgrade the old content

    Upgrade the old contentImage Credit – business.yell.com

    If you have past blog which has higher number of readability, then reuse it by refining its content.

Over to you

Being able to achieve good rankings can be difficult and also time-consuming. But putting in efforts and by following this guideline will surely help you take your website higher and higher. So get going and approach the top SEO company in Delhi for better performance.