In past recent years, influencer marketing has made quite a stir in the world. Moreover, according to some reports, influencer marketing is considered as one of the most effective marketing strategies.

However, to benefit from influencer marketing, one must know the best campaigns to follow in order to get the fruitful result that one desires.

If you are seeking help of an influencer marketing agency in Delhi, then make certain that they make use of the following marketing campaigns to boost your business.

  1. Giveaways

To grow your business and its popularity among the population, try your hands on the giveaway campaign. To make it happen, you can either ask someone a question regarding the brand or ask your followers to comment something unique on your post. You can inform them that if you like the answer or comment of any of the followers, you will provide them with giveaways which will be including stuffs of your brand or any kind of deals or offers on particular thing of your business.

Giveaways can be carried out by selecting someone whose comment you like the most or it can be done on a random basis. Also, giveaways are not limited to just a single person. It is your choice if you want to choose a single person or more than one for your giveaways.

  1. Partner with a cause

One of the best ways to boost your brand recognition and get positive support from the followers is to tie up your brand with a cause. This will not just make your brand recognizable but also help a cause immensely. For instance, if you partner up with a girl education campaign, then you can make such a marketing strategy which will require your influencers to either buy something or do something else which will help contribute to the girl education in some way or the other.

Such campaign can be further spread by asking your influencers to write something about the campaign every now and then on their social media sites or speak about it in some other platform. Such kind of influencer marketing will allow your followers to be a part of something good and contribute in the same wholeheartedly.

  1. Event marketing

If you want to attract a specific set of audience in your business, then market your business accordingly. For instance, if you have a business of providing yoga sessions to the people and generally it is the adults who seem to be more interested in your business. However, you want the youth section of the society to follow your page as well to help increase your brand recognition.

In such a situation, you can seek help of some of young influencers and ask them to pay a visit to your Yoga class. Ask your influencers to take some pictures or make short videos of your Yoga session and post it on the social sites. Seeing the pictures or videos of the young influencers practicing yoga in your yoga class will tempt the youth society to engage in the same and they will most probably end up following your page.


Being one of the most popular ways of marketing, Influencer Marketing helps a lot to boost a brand’s value. If you really want to elevate your business, contact a professional and reputed Influencer marketing company in Delhi.