Have you been noticing low traffic on your website? Don’t worry, we have answers.

Website traffic is the piece of cake that every website wants; it is that extra edge over the competitors, a gain that transforms leads into conversions. However, there are times when traffic on a website plummets, with a lot of factors contributing to it. It is very common to experience a sudden drop in website traffic.

Funnily enough, website traffic is like blood pressure. Just like our moods and habits change our BP levels, changes in a lot of factors are held responsible for fluctuations in website traffic.

Here are six common reasons that might be causing sudden drop in organic traffic on your website:

  1. Mobile phone revolution

    Mobile phone revolutionImage Credit – computergeekblog.com

    Mobile phones have caused a fundamental change in search results because of their high-end usage. Also, because phones always accompany people, there has been a considerable shift in the days of the week and time on which they actually search, which makes it difficult to derive a pattern. Consuming content on mobile phones has definitely lowered website traffic.

    Here’s what you can do:

    Instead of giving visitors a query form to fill when they visit your website, put a more relevant CTA that will make the visitors respond quicker and will stick to your website. You can give a phone number or an email id for people to contact you in case of queries.

  2. Transition in consumer habits

    consumer habitsImage Credit – videoadvertisingnews.com

    A change in consumer habits is highly likely to affect your website traffic due to myriad factors. It could be the recent phase of digitization, introduction of new technology, or a new trend wave.

    Gone are the days when people used to buy proper digi cams to take pictures. Today, phones have replaced cameras, providing consumers with a rich photography experience. Similarly, the keywords in your piece of content must have been outdated or not related to people’s searches anymore.

    Here’s what you should do:

    Do a full length research of what people are searching and what keywords they are looking for. Write blogs around those topics to generate traffic towards your website. Make sure that you don’t stuff keywords unnecessarily.

  3. Problems with indexing

    indexingImage Credit – blog.mallow-tech.com

    This is one of the most common problems leading to low website traffic. Indexing is a tool that makes arriving at search results less complex. If your website is not properly indexed by Google Bot either because of other bots hitting your side or because of poor organization of your website, you’ll have no traffic at all.

    Here’s what you should do:

    Re-organize your website and use software specially designed to stop bot traffic. This will help you gain genuine traffic on your website, while Google Bot successfully takes care of the indexing.

  4. Insecure website

    insecure websiteImage Credit – case.edu

    If Google chrome warns visitors that your website is insecure, it is highly likely that your website will act as a bomb that visitors don’t want to go close to. Use an HTTPS encryption to make it secure.

  5. Hacked website

    hacked websiteImage Credit – dynomapper.com

    There might be a chance that your website is hacked, releasing unauthorized information leading to a sudden drop in organic traffic. But the question is: how do you know that a website is hacked? It is quite simple: FTP program. Use the program to review your site. If you realize that certain files have been modified, it means that your website has been hacked.

    Here’s what you should do:

    Use software that helps you recognize the admin details and change them as soon as possible. Also, delete all hacked files from your website.

  6. A change in Algorithm

    what is an algorithmImage Credit – blog.pandorafms.org

    Google usually updates its algorithms on a regular basis in order to enhance search quality. A panda update inspects content quality, and a penguin update scans link quality. These updates obviously leave your website hanging, leading to low website traffic.

    But here’s how you should tackle it:
    Run a speed test of your website and see what Google recommends to improve in your site. Also, regularly monitor your SERPs.


Now that you have gone through all the underlying factors causing a decline in website traffic, it’s time that you act fast before it’s too late. For any queries, you can contact the best Digital Marketing agency in Delhi. Keep in touch with the agencies that offer the best digital marketing services in Delhi to make your website appear in top searches.