Have you ever keenly notice how the content in the newspaper is made easy to read and understand? If not you should definitely pick up a daily newspaper and notice the way the content presented having a proper layout that makes the reading easy and light. Likewise, for good blog writing, you need to follow some rules and structural layout to allow your readers to consume the content in the easiest way possible.

We have jotted down some pointers to help you to improve your blog. Beginners must pay attention to these basic rules can provide you the right foundation for your blogging career especially when content writing in Delhi and all over the India is in much demand.  So here are the 7 rules that you should know:

  1. Formatting First and foremost, always format your blog post. In this super-fast lifestyle, one wants to consume more in less time. Formatting makes it easy to skim through and still manage to pick up the important points while the readers quickly scan through it.
  2. Small columns  Remember newspaper analogy? The content of the newspaper is always laid out in very small columns and small paragraphs. The content that stretches all the way across looks very unattractive and frustrates the readers. Thus, always keep your text columns around 80 characters wide.
  3. Headings and sub-headings Giving your content headings and sub-headings helps the readers to scan with ease and retain the main points from the write-up. Also, it makes the content inviting, less intimating to approach and well structured.
  4. Size does matter Font size of the text is one minute detail that we usually miss while writing blog. The font size should be considered before you publish it on your blog. It’s all fine to use large text as most people like to read comfortably without straining their eyes.
  5. Background check While reading, it is very important that your choice of background doesn’t make any hindrance. Whatever whacky/subtle/ dark theme you want, it has to contrasts well with the content and clearly visible.
  6. Listing it up Writing your text in the most simplest way possible, is the one basic rule your just can’t ignore. Listing or making pointers one by one makes the whole task of reading as easy as one can get.
  7. Structuring it all It is one of the most important rules of writing anything. It better has some structure with a proper beginning, middle and ending. Keep a consistent structure for convenient reading.

However, these are some of the basic rules of blogging that one must follow. You need much more than these for your blog to succeed. Blog writing or content writing in India is one flourishing business and providing a lot of opportunities. If one needs to make their blog to succeed one must follow the latest trends and keep consistent with their blogs. You can also hire an agency for content writing services that can help your blog better and famous.