Have you ever noticed the traffic on your blog and wondered when the horde is going to increase on your blog? We have all been there; we post the blog and expect comments, liked and shares, but instead we get nothing. It seems like no one has seen your blog, let alone read it! If you are looking for traffic, then you are at right place. If you are new to the business, then hire the SEO Services in Delhi and improve the overall performance of your website.

Here are 7 smart ways to increase the traffic on your blog:

  1. Try Amazon Kindle Store with a self-published book

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    If you are looking for zero investment, then Amazon kindle store is the best platform for you to Generate Blog Traffic. You can upload your book on a 90 day free trial and see the result for yourself. All you have to do is insert the link of your blog inside your book and let the reader visit it.

  2. Go with a viral piece of content

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    First of all you need to do your homework like knowing your target audience, researching about the potential market of your services, products, budgeting and other tactics to have a clear view as to what you’re going to write. Everyone knows that good content is the key to success, so relying on quality content would be the best way to improve your audience’s engagement.

  3. Relevant content


    Relevancy is the greatest factor in the field of digital marketing. Writing meaningful and evergreen content targets all age groups and doesn’t look dull and outdated. It helps to sustain the traffic on your blog for a longer time and also gives the readers a reason to visit your blog time and again.

  4. Utilize long tail keywords

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    Long tail keywords are the most crucial thing which takes readers to the exact page. Try to put long tail keywords into your blog so that the reader can reach your blog conveniently. Also, shorter keywords face more competition than longer keywords. So, better go with the long tail keywords than short tails.

  5. Create an email-list

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    Create an email list of the customers that have visited your page, this will help you to know your strengths and weaknesses and hence devise strategies to cope with the same.

  6. Use guest blogging

    guest bloggingImage Credit – catchupdates.com

    Guest blogging is another trend which is gaining much popularity recently. If you want to grow genuine web traffic to your blog, go with this trend! Or better learn some effective guideline to boost your Google ranking.

  7. Maintain consistency

    consistencyImage Credit – www.extraordinaryroutines.com

    You must facilitate your customers with the quality content every single time, so that they keep coming back to your website to read your blog. Work on new and unique topics in order to provide the best for your regular customer. Also, update your previously written blogs in accordance with the latest trends.


By following the above Tricks to Increase Blog Traffic in the right way can have a huge impact on your blog’s traffic. The point is that, focus on one tactics at one time and do not rush. Otherwise you will not get the desired outcome. Professional digital marketing agency will help you in getting huge traffic to your blog, and for that, you must hire the best SEO Company in Delhi.