SEO is the most crucial aspect of content marketing strategy today. It aims to improve your search engine rankings. However, if the marketing strategies still involve bad SEO habits, then it might work negatively and end up hurting the Site reputation instead of improving it.  It will have a negative impact on the brand as well.

Many marketing strategists find it challenging to improve their rankings in search engines despite employing all SEO tactics. That might be due to some daily lousy SEO patterns mentioned below:

  1. Impatience – Often it has been seen that Marketers expect results too soon. No Matter how excellent and qualitative your content is, it takes a while to establish a distinctive brand identity in the market. It requires some time to earn links from reputable sources and good reviews from satisfied customers. All in all, working with consistency is the key, and it takes time to optimise the site as per the user as well as the search engine.
  2. Following Blindly – Just because everyone else in the industry is doing something doesn’t mean you should blindly follow them. Many of the trends are overhyped, and there is nothing like ‘one size fits all,’ i.e. there is no strategy that works for all. And you can’t be doing the same thing like everyone else and still be considered different.
  3. Too Much Linking –Too many internal links with inappropriate and misleading anchor texts or broken links will get you nowhere. Instead, use safe anchors like different variations of the keywords.
  4. Keyword Stuffing – This trick doesn’t work anymore. So overloading the website with the same keyword, phrases and numbers to manipulate search engines will show negative results as far as the website’s ranking is concerned. Rather a more quality driven content and concentrating on enhancing the user’s experience will go a long way in attracting visitors. Topically relevant terms should be used instead of one keyword. For example – instead of using the word ‘car’ repeatedly, use words like the personal vehicle, automobile, transportation etc.
  5. One Keyword per Page – Optimising the website this way does not work anymore. Instead, focus should be on improving the overall content and value to the user.
  6. Ignoring Technical Issues – Ignoring the problems that are underlying your website could hurt your brand promotion efforts. Technical issues like slow loading time for the page, blocked pages, wrong redirects, mobile optimisation and identical content could be the issues which are affecting your search engine rankings.
  7. Falling Short on Your Words – If the user or the customer is not satisfied with the products or the services you are offering, then no matter how strong your marketing strategy is; it is going to affect the brand negatively.
  8. Naming Images Inappropriately – Optimizing for image search becomes important as an inappropriate image name will not tell anything about it. The name should be descriptive of the actual image and in line with the topic of the page.
  9. adapting To Changes – SEO is a consistently changing field. The marketing strategists have to keep themselves updated with the latest SEO practices, algorithm changes and webmasters guidelines. Some weekly or daily time should be allotted to reading about the latest in SEO to keep track of the current trend.


Day by Day technology is witnessing great advancements. Search Engines like Google, Bing etc. are improving their algorithms regularly to provide accurate results to their users. Therefore, it is high time to practice only Legal things that are present in guidelines of these search engines otherwise you might get your website penalized. Hence, remove these habits from your Content Marketing Strategy.