Brochure marketing has come out to be one of the most effective marketing trends that are helping companies to build a market for their products and services. If you are a company looking for a medium to explain to your audiences about your products and services in detail, brochures are the best way to do so.

Not only are brochures informative, but also act as direct shout-outs for people to take action. An interesting feature that makes brochures an effective marketing strategy is the folds. Being an essential part of any creative brochure marketing strategy, folds add a certain curiosity to the brochure, thus making it look attractive.

After you decide upon the content that is targeted towards your audiences, you need to decide on the type of fold that you think would look best. Brochure folds can take many types, some of which are stated as under:


The half-fold brochure is like a book, with two panels on each size, folded in two equal halves. This type of brochure is ideal for business presentations. The fairly bigger front page can be used effectively to create an attractive visual. When you do not need too many pages to explain yourselves, go for a half-fold or a bi-fold.


This fold is used commonly by companies wanting to put a considerable amount of information to be conveyed. This type of brochure has three equal-sized panels, which are folded in each other. So when you need to explain a sequence of steps, or a numbered list regarding your products and services, go for a tri-fold brochure.


If you are looking for corporate brochure design in Delhi and wish to create a corporate brochure, the best way to keep your audiences is to create an interesting gate-fold. With two symmetrical panels acting as doors that reveal what’s inside, this type of brochure can prove to be quite effective in generating conversions.

Double-parallel fold

Companies opt for double parallel folds in their brochures when they have detailed presentations to make about their products and services. This type of brochure is folded twice, making four panels in total. The inner panels are a bit smaller than the outer ones, and this type of brochures is perfect to be given as promotional handouts.


Forming a Z shape when folded, this fold is also known as an accordion fold. This fold is very much like the tri-fold, but the panels overlap each other in a different manner. When coupled with quality content and Professional brochure design, this type of brochure is perfect for direct mail marketing.

Roll Fold

In this type of fold, the panels are folded or rolled into each other. The subsequent folds get smaller as they are folded. This type of graphic design brochure is ideal for tutorials or step-by-step guides.


There are a lot of brochure design templates that you can go through to get an idea of what type of brochure serves the purpose of your marketing. Do not hesitate in getting help from professionals. For that, contact the best brochure design services in Delhi, and create a compelling brochure that speaks a lot about your company, while maintaining its aesthetic value.