2017 was a relatively calm year for SEOs as Google algorithm didn’t announce any update. With the advent of Pigeon 4.0, Possum, and many big changes to AdWords that had been introduced in 2016, every SEO checklist has strengthened its strategies to match with the update. Now this year, we haven’t witnessed any changes since the ‘Fred’ update dropped in March.

Trends like mobile-friendliness and machine learning are not going to change anytime soon. Talking about semantic markup, it might not seem like something relevant or fruitful to invest time into, but the experts say that it increases the overall visibility of one’s site and helps in improving the CTR considerably. If you want professionals to do the SEO for you, then contact SEO Services in Delhi and understand the latest techniques of 2018.

Everything you will find below is meant to be the most up to date advice on semantic markup SEO in the upcoming year:

  1. Authorship

    AuthorshipImage Credit – wordvice

    It is the feature that enables you to attach a picture of yours with all the posts that you write for your website. It is always a better to attach an identity with photo and it will provide an instant connect while making your post look more appealing to the user at the same time.

  2. Geotags & local business schema

    local business schemaImage Credit – sitevisibility

    Make the use of both Geotags and the local business schema for describing your small business. With the local business schema, you can mark your contact and other details on the website and Geotags is used to include your Geo-coordinates.

  3. Write for testimonial option

    Write for testimonial optionImage Credit – visualentity

    Testimonials are a credible way to make your services more appealing and reliable to the users. Utilize the option of using semantic markup for reviews which increases the chance of displaying the testimonial on your search results on Google. To appear on Google search, you must learn SEO tips for small Business in 2018.

  4. Breadcrumb Navigation

    Breadcrumb NavigationImage Credit – justinmind

    Regardless of the website’s size, Breadcrumb navigation allows users to familiarize with your site’s hierarchy. Ensure the breadcrumb markup has its code executed properly.

  5. Provide event’s details

    Provide event’s detailsImage Credit – penetanguishene

    It is worth using events schema markup if your company takes part in any events or you are planning to provide some special services for any occasion.

  6. Use offer schema

    Product schemaImage Credit – semrush

    When you provide any kinds of offer or coupons, make sure that it catches the attention of users. To make them visible in the snippet, use offer schema.

  7. Video object schema

    Video object schemaImage Credit – reutersinstitute.politics.ox.ac.uk

    If you want Google to detect your video content, then make the use of video object schema. This helps Google to understand your video content better and will display according to the snippet.

  8. Promote the individuals

    Promote the individualsImage Credit –

    Utilize your schema to markup the information about other employees on your website. This practice can help with local search rankings to a large extent.

  9. Use tables and bulleted lists

    Image Credit – quickanddirtytips

    Generally, this does not require markup but having data displayed in tables provides a layout to display.

  10. Product schema

    Use offer schemaImage Credit – youtube

    It is one of the most important tools in Technical SEO Checklist 2018 which provides the display details like rating, availability price and release details. So, it is imperative to use the product schema to mark them up.

  11. Meta descriptions

    Meta descriptionsImage Credit – seopressor

    The most important part of semantic markup is to use Meta descriptions profusely with good keywords.

In conclusion

While there are quite enough tips to ingest, we assure you that the health of your website will be ensured diligently. These tips provide the best help for those who are doing SEO for beginners 2108. Each change will have a strong impact and make you go a long way and also, your visitors would have a positive experience when they visit your site. Use the above shared tips to work on your semantic markup and you will surely get the positive in return with your optimization efforts. In case you need any professional help, then look up to SEO Services Company in Delhi.