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Sop for Australia Visa / Study Permit After Refusal

Have your recently got refusal for Canada Study Permit Visa from Canadian High Commission and you are highly disappointed? Well, there is no reason you should be disappointed because you are not the only one and there are thousands of such visa refusal cases every month and as you can see the refusal letter where Canadian High Commission has already stated that if you think that reasons are not valid or some situations have changes, you are free to reapply for Canada Study Permit Visa after refusal.  With top-notch educational offerings throughout Canada from coast to coast, it comes with no surprise that the thousands of international students opt for Canada for attaining a higher degree program. But to enter the land of Canada, there are certain guidelines that you need to fit into while applying for the Canada study visa program. Amidst the hustles of admissions, there is one document that stands firmly in the entire process of admission, that is, statement of purpose. To put the confirmation tag on the admission procedure, it is important to express yourself through an impressive statement of purpose, which you need to submit to the admission officials. If your statement of purpose for visa application is not up to the mark, your Canada Study Permit visa gets rejected It is obvious that you are not allowed for admission to any university in Canada.

Fret not! We brought a comprehensive set of details that throw light on the statement of purpose for Canada visa refusal case.

Hire Professional SOP Writers for Refusal Visa

Five Grounds Of Refusal And How to Tackle Them

1. The applicant’s circumstances in their home country, including the applicant’s economic situation, political and civil unrest in the applicant’s home country, the extent of the applicant’s personal ties to their home country, whether the applicant has sound reasons for not studying in their home country if a similar course is available, and military service commitments that would present as a significant incentive for the applicant not to return to their home country

2. The applicant’s potential circumstances in Australia, including the extent of the applicant’s ties with Australia that present as a strong incentive to remain in Australia, evidence that the student visa program may be used to circumvent the intention of the migration program, whether the Student visa or the Student Guardian is being used to maintain ongoing residence, the applicant’s knowledge of living in Australia, and whether the primary and secondary applicants have entered into a relationship of concern

3. The value of the course to the applicant’s future, including the course’s consistency with the applicant’s current education level, whether the course will assist the applicant to gain employment in their home country, relevance of the course to the applicant’s past or future employment in their home country or a third country, and remuneration and Student Visa Processing Centre Department of Home Affairs WEBSITE: www.homeaffairs.gov.au career prospects in the applicant’s home country or a third country to be gained from the course

4. The applicant's immigration history, including visa and travel history for Australia and other countries, previous visa applications for Australia or other countries, and previous travels to Australia or other countries

5. If the applicant is a minor, the intentions of a parent, legal guardian or spouse of the applicant

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What To Do After Getting Rejection

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Read Refusal Letter

Prepare LOE


Get Visa

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When Can I apply for?

You can re-apply for Australia Study Visa right after receiving the refusal or rejection, if you have valid explanation for the queries or concerns they have raised in your visa refusal letter. There is no specific time gap required for re-application of Australia Study Visa Permit after refusal.

What are the chances of getting Visa after getting a refusal for Australia Study Permit?

You have all the chances of getting a visa for Australia Study Permit even after refusal if you have given all the explanation in detail and given details are satisfactory enough for the Australia High Commission to grant a visa. There are 100 % chances of getting your visa approved even after rejection as far you have the right answers for their queries. In many cases, a plagiarized SOP is the reason which does not fits the bill. Take help of professional visa sop writers to get the perfect draft for SOP for Australia Visa Permit.

What all steps I can take after getting a rejection for Australia Study Visa?

There are three ways of deal with a visa refusal case in Australia – 1. You can request for a re-evaluation of the visa application 2. Appealing against the refusal decision in the federal court by hiring an attorney or immigration lawyer in Australia or 3. Filing a new application with an improvised VISA SOP covering all the concerns mentioned in the refusal letter.

How many times can your re-apply for Australia visa after refusal

You can always reapply for Australia Visa if you refusal letter issued by Australia High Commission says that you can re-apply. Usually people do not apply after getting refusal thrice, but we have handles cases where a Candidates have received Visa after 4 or 5 application. It all depends on how strong your letter of explanation is written, if you are getting rejections on the basis of your English proficiency test, you can improvise it and re-apply. If you are getting rejections for course, you can change the course or explain your reasons for choosing the course. They will never write in the refusal letter or in Caps Notes or GCMS Notes that they have refused your application because of the plagiarized content of the SOP.

What is the re-application process of Australia visa after refusal?

The procedure of re-application of Australia Study Visa after refusal is very simple. Understand the concerns of the visa officer, address wisely all the points to make your draft satisfactory and logical to them. You can easily re-apply a new application and mention on the draft that you are re-applying for Australia Visa along with other explanations against their concerns. Do not miss to mention a very strong reason to go back to your home country.

What are the chances of getting Australia visa after refusal once or twice?

There are very high chances of getting a Australia visa even after one or two refusals if you can find out the correct reason of the refusal and correct them in new visa application. There is as much as 100 % chances of getting your visa if your explanation is satisfactory to the visa officer.

Should I apply for Caps Notes or GSMC Notes after Australia Visa Rejection?

If you are hiring a professional SOP writing agency or expert visa sop writers, there is no need to apply and wait for CAIPS Notes or GCMS Notes. There are few candidates who want to be very sure about their reason of rejection usually apply for GCMS Notes for rejection remarks, but this is a time taking process and if the candidates has to get the visa immediately then it is better to hire an expert visa sop consultant to analyze your case and write a fresh SOP as per the queries of the refusal letter.

How much time it takes to get the GSMC Notes? Should I wait for it?

Generally, the time period for getting the GSMC notes is 4 to 6 weeks. It is not important to wait for the CAIPS or GSMC Notes because it does not gives you a very detailed explanation of reasons why your application was rejected. These are just the remarks given by the Visa office while rejecting your Visa Application for Australia. An experienced VISA SOP Consultant and writer can guide you better for the same. It is better to work on visa re-application process by taking expert guidance instead waiting for 4 to 6 weeks.

Who is best SOP Writer for Australia VISA?

There are many SOP Consultants and Visa SOP writers available these days at ease, but if you want to be sure about the quality guidance and impeccable draft as per your specific need, you must go for an experienced agency or writer, who have handled thousands of similar cases and thus you can get the right solution and service. Contentholic is one of the India’s leading SOP writing agency with expertise in handling visa refusal cases.

How old is this agency Contentholic?

We are an 11 years old agency offering quality academic writing services to the students since its inception in the year 2011.

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