Brochures provide a brief introduction about what your company does and summarize about the products or services that your company has to offer. Therefore, it is one of the valuable marketing tools which plays an important role in winning the loyalty of customers given that it is well-designed, informative and looking beautiful. A brochure designed following the creative brochure design tips will surely take your business to the next level. A good brochure is the one which is created keeping the target audience in mind and have a unique way of showing the information. On the other hand, the brochures which are designed casually, lack the power to attract the potential customers and prove to be the waste of time and money. Here are some good brochure design tips.

  1. Design for the target audience The work of brochure designing starts with researching about the target customers of your business such as their educational, social as well as financial backgrounds. It will paint a clear picture of what your customers would like to see in the brochure. It is also a good idea to do a survey or an online poll to connect with the people and ask some questions regarding the design element they like.
  2. Restrict to use more than 2 fontsIt is a well-known fact that brochures have an enormous amount of text right from the front page to the last leaf. Therefore, certain designers exploit this situation and use many varieties of fonts to make the design better. But, it will only complicate the design and the brochure will lack the uniformity. We at Content Holic have a reputation of best brochure design company in Delhi and thus we do not advise or use more than 2 fonts in a brochure. You can use the one font to bold and highlight the headings as well as sub-headings while another font for the text that will go in the body of the brochure.
  3. Use the Color Scheme wiselyEvery business selects a color scheme based on which all their graphic works are done. Colors represent the related fields and they have the potential to invoke the emotions of the target audience too. Therefore, you must ask for the color palette that your client’s business is associated with by checking their logo or asking them about what’s the most impactful color in their industry.  Using a color that is consistent with logo and other things of the client will provide you with an opportunity to design the best brochure for your client.
  4. Design Simple instead of ComplexPeople try to use many colors, fonts and images to make the design one of a kind but they end up with a complex design that is quite difficult to understand in one go. Simple designs, on the other hand, are pleasing to the eyes and viewer can easily understand the idea that one is trying to convey. So, to design a simple brochure, you need to use a few bands of colors (obviously, follow the color scheme of the company), typeface, and images. Put proper spaces between elements to provide each and every element with a good visibility. Also, try to use images quite neatly. The resulting brochure should be pleasing enough to attract the potential customers and develop a sense of trust and reliability in your brand.
  5. Include everyone while brainstorming Ideas Brainstorming with your fellow designers is always a better idea than sitting alone and thinking over an out of the box idea. Communicating can be a great help so, bring along all the designers together to see what plans they have in their mind. You might end up with an innovative approach. Discuss the concepts that sound unique. It is possibly the best way to plan out a unique design for the brochure that will probably stand out from the crowd. Afterall the purpose of your business is to create the best brochure design. You can go for crowdsourcing to get more ideas on designing brochures. Various sites provide you with numerous professional designers who can help you execute the task.
  6. Attract viewers in First Impression The first impression matters a lot for graphic designers. You are successful when your viewers retain your design in their minds for a long time. Clients generally look for such designers who are capable of attracting the audience. It is the only reasonable way of designing brochures for business. You must ensure that the design should be such that it suits the business of the client and doesn’t look absurd. If the company is a startup, then the brochure has to look outstanding.
  7. Use HD quality images A brochure is incomplete without the use of images. Images of specific products can be seen on almost every page of a brochure. It is because it becomes more comfortable for the viewers to relate to it. It is why successful designers largely depend on high-quality images to design brochures. So, to get these high-quality images, you must hire an excellent professional photographer who can provide you with the best photos of the client’s products or ask the client itself to offer you with some. Never opt stock images as it portrays a negative image of the client.
  8. Use templates Generally, it is not considered a good practice to use templates while designing a brochure. But, let me assure you there is no harm in using some of the best templates that are developed by the top designers. The templates provide an outline for the brochure which reduces the time and efforts. One can make the changes later, as per their design needs and creativity.


So, to conclude with, we can say that, the best way to leave a mark on the minds of your customers is to bring out an impressive and unique brochure design. The design should be such that the audience can connect to it, i.e. it should not be simple and easy to understand. We at Content Holic provide brochure designing in Delhi. Get in touch with us if you are looking for the best brochure design company in Delhi.