As far as the SEO practice is concerned, there are many delusions and misunderstandings which make the task of SEO even tougher. While dealing with Search Engine Optimization, one must be aware of every risk as some simple errors can increase complications. On the other hand, effective SEO strategies help to achieve the exposure and profits within months. However, a general question that arises is: which risks should be taken and which should be avoided? Let’s learn about some SEO risks which are worth taking:

  1. Making and testing changes: large and small 

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    The main task of SEO is to bring traffic on the website and work on the website’s transaction. The only proven way is A/B testing. Take one element at a time; whether it is Meta description, titles, content or more.

    What is a risk then? It’s more like a ‘trial and error’ to catch up with wordings and layout but if this combination goes wrong, then the traffic of the website may plummet. This risk is worth taking because once you come up with the best combination, you will continue to drive more traffic and get better results. Take help from the best SEO Services in Delhi that will assist you to generate traffic.

  2. Obtaining high-quality backlinks 

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    Backlinks are the most important element of SEO which a company uses to increase their ranking. You may lose your visitors by providing the other website’s link but by doing this you are showing Google that you are directing them to the other high-quality sites, which is a risk worth taking.

  3. Improving the URL structure of the site 

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    The website’s URLs should be short and concise, having the company’s name only. If they are too long and descriptive, the search engine will cut your display. The risk is: any change can affect your ranking. However, if it has done well, you will end up with a streamlined structure which appeals on both, user and search engines.

  4. Overhauling your website 

    your website

    Website needs to be updated and designed very frequently. It can be time-consuming, risky, and also expensive. While doing these, users may find difficulty in navigating your site. Well, you can handle this risk as Google understands that every website goes through overhauling once in a year and your ratings will surely bounce back steadily.

  5. Buying expired or available domains

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    Website owners generally do not renew their domains which make them available for purchase. Buying some of these domains and redirecting them to your site is the easiest way to increase the number of backlinks. It is risky because if domains still receive rankings, then of course it’s not related to the original search. Despite all the risk, this practice can gain some serious traffic and also is inexpensive.

SEO risks to avoid 

  1. Poor doorway pages:

    Poor doorway pages

    Doorway pages are often viewed as the easiest way for targeting specific keywords and groups. Google penalizes the website that uses doorway pages. So it’s better to avoid them.

  2. Disallowing Neutral Backlinks 

    natural backlinks

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    In order to gain good backlinks and improve the visibility of your website, disallowing neutral backlinks will help you in a big way; but will also push you towards a penalty from Google. If you are disallowing neutral backlinks, you are blocking the sites that can help you to improve the rankings.

  3. Deleting or condensing content or an entire page 

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    It may seem like deleting a page from your website is not a big deal but once you delete a page from your website, the ranking of the keywords are also gone and the URL page with specific keywords is lost. So, you must avoid doing it.

  4. Using exact match keywords to the anchor text 

    anchor text

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    It is quite logical to have your targeted keyword as your anchor text. Google penalizes those websites who overdo this practice. So don’t risk and search for more organic ways to link to your website.

  5. Making too many small SEO changes to a site

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    Making too many changes to your website and making these changes often can cause risk as Google will see your website as suspicious and will likely penalize you for it. Also, visitors find hard to navigate your site. But it is also important to make your content effective, so you need to upgrade your content by using advanced methods.


SEO is the key element for any company to succeed. These Common SEO Problems affect the company but are worth giving a try as they can create favorable results for the business, while other risks can harm the company’s online presence. If you are looking for professional SEO help, go for the Top SEO Company in Delhi.

By fixing various Technical SEO Issues, you can achieve unimaginable success. It’s true that there is no business without risk, but before considering any risk for your company, do check these guidelines to ensue everything is ready to work and help you gain conversions.