As a digital marketer, you may have exploited every tactic to increase your site engine’s visibility. But have you ever given a thought to search engine optimization audit?

Via SEO audit, the website health status is checked. Thus, marketers and business perform this to identify the website’s weakness and rectifies it. You have created a website with all the latest features and the website fails to bring the visitors. Then, it is the correct time to perform search engine optimization audit. Many websites do SEO audit successfully with the help of SEO Agency in Delhi and keep their website up-to-date. Read further to know the complete process of evaluating the website.

Benefits of performing an SEO audit

  • After doing SEO audit, you will get to know your actual position in the industrial competition.
  • Search engine optimization audit scores for the website.
  • You can clearly identify your weakness, so it would be better to know how to make it competitive.

Utilize reliable SEO audit tools:

It would be great if you use the reliable audit tools like SEO checker and make the changes it needs. You can find many SEO audit tools online but relying on all of it can topple the audit results. Only a few of them are reliable and accurate.

  • SEO checker: In this tool, you need to type the website URL and also the industrial competitor’s website URL to find out the differences. This tool will give the result within 2 minutes.

Check for the Penguin and Panda Google algorithm updates

Do the quick Panda check for all the website pages content. In addition to that, Penguin check is for natural backlinks that are made for the website. Majestic SEO is the best tool for checking the Penguin update. Then, if you find any irrelevant or low-quality backlinks on your website, delete it! If you are confused with technicalities and want the quick result, look for the SEO Agencies in Delhi.

Check the Canonical URL and improve your Meta tags

You can also compare your website page titles with your competitors using audit tools. Check whether your page is missing with the page title and description. If so, then create title and description for it. In order to create it, ensure that your web page must include the branded phrase like company’s name and tag line. Most importantly, Meta description is always according to Google’s latest algorithm. The SEO audit contains canonical check too; make sure that, the canonical URL must match the regular URL.

Crawl the website

Some website has included some web pages under ‘’No index and no follow’’ and due to this, they missed the chance to get crawled by search engines. Sometimes, the website may lack in 404 page, thus create and upload it.

Provide better user experience

The most important factor is to enhance the user experience, so marketers have to improve it.

Website color: The color of the website plays an important role in creating the prominent identity of any brand. Most importantly, the color of the website must match the brand logo as it makes the strong impression in the user’s mind. Heading should be catchy and attractive.

Utilize the attractive image and videos: It makes a great impact among users. You must use good images and videos to offer the best user experience.

Check, if your website is mobile-friendly or not?

Nowadays, website owners are rushing up to make their website pages mobile responsive and this trend will not going to end anytime soon. It is said that, by 2021, nearly 52.3 million users use mobile devices to search the data on the internet. Hence, we should not miss the opportunity of getting more leads by making our website pages mobile responsive.

The website loading time  

A fact says that, 25% of the customers often get irritated because of longer loading time and they never come back to that website. To cut the bounce rate and to hold the customers, SEO experts must check the website loading time during the audit.

In conclusion

Follow the above SEO audit checklist while checking the website pages. Use reliable SEO audit tools to identify the error and check where you stand.