It doesn’t matter how brilliant your content is, if nobody sees it you may as well have not written it. And in order for your content to be seen, you need to promote it.

Thankfully, creating a proper content promotion strategy is a simple exercise with great rewards. Below I’ve explained how you can give your content the exposure it demands of you.

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Promote via a content community

Communities have always been important. They’re a great source of information, a place to test out ideas, and a way to build up connections. They’re also an ideal forum for promoting your content.

A number of big brands have created their own communities. For example, Starbucks created My Starbucks Idea — a place where people can share their ideas for what they want from Starbucks. It’s also full of coffee enthusiasts:

Starbuck Idea

Search for communities of enthusiasts within your niche. If they’re interested in what your brand is publishing, then it’s likely they’ll care about and share your content.

This is part of your content strategy that will require some work. You’ll need to be a part of the community in order for its members to promote your content. Find the right one for your brand and then engage with it for a few weeks. Once you’ve built up a presence, you can start posting your content and getting people to share it.

Get in touch with websites sharing content like yours

Following on from using a content community, finding websites that are sharing content like yours is a vital part of a proper content promotion strategy.

You can use a tool like Ahrefs to locate these websites. Simply find a piece of content that’s similar to the piece(s) you’re going to be promoting, then put the web address into Ahrefs’ site explorer. I’ll show you how this works by using the example of this article on the Indian cricket team:

Website Sharing Similar Content

This brings up a full list of websites who have linked to the example article. You can then make your way through them, find the contacts, and then reach out to them to ask them to share your content.

Find a brand like yours and run a content exchange

You can take the previous tip a step further and set up a content exchange relationship with websites like yours. The strategy is simple: publish their content on your website and promote it to your followers and the website you’ve partnered with will do the same.

You’ve got a list of websites sharing similar content but don’t stop there. There are some other winning tactics to help you find businesses, brands, and websites to team up with.

Content Exchange

Your national government may have a publicly accessible record of similar businesses. For instance, the US government has a Census Business Builder. Or you can search through a business marketplace, such as Exchange, and go after specific keywords related to your business. You can also search through the major social media platforms.

The key to making this tactic part of a proper content promotion strategy is to exchange your content with a website that has engaged followers. You can use a tool like HypeAuditor to find out if the website’s followers are real or fake.

Having great content that’s well-written and properly optimized isn’t enough to get it seen. In order for your content to reach your target audience (and beyond) you need to actively promote it. Following the guidance in this article will help you to create a proper content promotion strategy. Doing this will make sure it gets the attention it deserves.