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The Role of Digital Marketing channels in eCommerce
The Role of Digital Marketing channels in eCommerce
August 16, 2018
The Complete Guide How to create SEO friendly URLs
The Complete Guide: How to create SEO friendly URLs
August 23, 2018
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The Definitive guide to improve your SEO in 2018

The Definitive guide to improve your SEO in 2018

In today’s speedy world when marketing trends are changing within a blink of an eye. Staying updated with the SEO tactics is cumbersome. Are you looking forward to some key tactics to improve your SEO strategy in 2018? Below we list down some of the useful tactics to amplify you improve SEO.

Long-Tail Keywords

Long Tail Keywords Comparison

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Long-Tail keywords proof to drive in huge customer base to your site. For example, let’s compare the keywords “apparels” and “best apparels in 2018”.  There is no denying the fact that the latter would sweep the masses.

Quality Content

Quality Content

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Bill Gates once quoted, “Content is King”. More than anything “quality content” does play a crucial role to improve your SEO in 2018. Make sure to engage your audiences with “interesting” pieces of content. The longer the people stay on your page. The better Google ranks it.

Increased CTRs (Click through Rates)

Adwords Average CTR

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Greater Click through Rates would no doubt tend to improve your SEO by a larger means. CTR can be often calculated as, CTR= (Clicks/Impressions) * 100

Use an effective CTA “Call-To-Action” and increase your bids in order to attain effective CTRs.

Make Sure your website is mobile-optimized

Mobile Optimized Websites

Image Credit - landerapp

A report from SearchEngineJournal that around 60% of Google searches occur on smartphones.

Today, people of almost every age group access mobile phones. Thus, it is mandatory to make your website “mobile-friendly”. One of the important SEO tactics in 2018 is to avoid technical SEO mistakes such page load speed, navigation and its compatibility with various devices.

Lower the Bounce Rate

Bounce Rate Impacts

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Delivering quality content which meets the demand of your prospect is yet another way to improve your SEO in 2018. Moreover, it helps you lower your Bounce rate by a huge percentage. Other ways to lower your bounce rate includes effective designed images and selecting a compelling theme for your website.

Checkout the Broken Links

Broken Links

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A broken/dead link sends visitor to a non-existent page. Hence, providing bad user experience. It also downgrades the Google rankings of your page, which in turn affects the SEO. Keep a regular check on all the links placed.

The Visual Content

Visual Content

Image Credit - contentmart

Just as video, “visual content” is growing fast. A recent study suggests that around 37% of marketers started with visual marketing which turned out to be another important form of content for their ecommerce. Moreover, with passing time it turned out that patron actually love such form of content.


So now that you have learned some of the major tactics to improve your SEO in 2018 and drive huge traffic to your website. However, if you are looking forward to SEO services in Delhi then you have landed on the right place. We are an SEO Company in Delhi and our experienced professionals might assist you in everything related to Search Engine Optimization in 2018.

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