It is better to evaluate and compare your results to increase the rate of your return on investments. However, there are numerous digital marketing metrics to calculate the effectiveness of your efforts, but it is better to choose the right one, and that’s what you are going to learn here. There are some categories by which you can measure your success rate, and these categories have all the parameters for evaluation. These are Traffic, Conversion and Revenue. So let’s discuss each of them one by one.


  • Site Traffic-This parameter will help you to check the number of new visitors coming on your site. You must focus on this metric as it will give a deep insight into the effectiveness of your digital marketing methods.
  • Traffic Sources-This digital marketing metric will let you know about the sources from where any user is coming to your website.
  • Click Through Rate- Termed as CTR in short form, it will tell you about the number of visitors clicking on any the available ads on your website. The best method to improve your CTR is to combine it with quality content and a strong call to action.
  • Mobile Traffic- Among the all the digital marketing metrics this is the now emerging as the most important one these days. Due to increase in the number of smartphone users the mobile traffic data shows drastic increment, hence it is better to consider the mobile devices while creating your digital marketing strategies.


  • Conversion Rate- Conversion is the main agenda while creating a marketing plan. You have to convert the website traffic into new customers. Tracking your conversion rate can help to create more precise strategies.
  • Bounce Rate- If your site is not useful then the viewer will not stay on it and “bounce” or skip looking at the content you have posted on it. Such digital marketing metrics will help you to gather more target customer or audience.
  • Rate of Return-Two things define the popularity of your website; one is the traffic and the second is the number of users returning to If you are monitoring the return rate of your website then, you can make your site more user-friendly to increase the engagement and conversion rate.
  • Cost Per Conversion- Sometimes it is also termed as cost per lead or cost per referral. This digital marketing metric evaluates the total profit margins. If the price is very high, then it may reduce your income. Thus higher CPC may impose adverse Many marketers provide digital marketing tips for CPC management for sustainable growth.


  • Return on Investment- Abbreviated as ROI this parameter will tell you about the services from which you are getting more sales and revenues. It will show you an insight into the areas where some improvement is required. You ROI is a whole and sole measurement of the effectiveness of your promotional campaigns.
  • Cost Per Acquisition- Termed as CPA, this digital marketing metric will tell you the income you are generating from your customers that were previously your site visitors. This parameter will tell you about the required investment to make the customer profitable for you. Monitoring your CPA will tell you whether your strategies are beneficial for you or not.

Investing capital in a right direction for digital marketing and evaluating the metrics are best practices done by small businesses or startups. These parameters will provide you with a better picture of your efforts and the places where some extra hard work is needed. Thus, allowing you to balance and transform the traffic into leads.


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