E-mail ranks as the most effective marketing channel for businesses. It is one of the consumer’s top preferences for staying in touch and offers four times more ROI than other marketing channels. An effective marketing strategy delivers what customers want and at their suitable time and try to anticipate their demands also. It implies that the customers will receive the relevant information regularly in their inboxes. The right way is to concentrate on the particular kind of people who make up your specific audience and deliver only the most appropriate content to them.

Dynamic content gives relevant and accessible information to the potential customers and increases the effectiveness of your marketing strategies. The information is relevant when the customer gets the required content for which he is searching. On the other hand, it is termed relevant when the customer finds the content in quick time and the place where he is looking.

Dynamic email with personalised messages makes an email a more powerful channel. With AI, dynamic email becomes more effective by allowing them to determine the content at the right time, test email subject lines and then track user behaviour.

Below are the essential elements of the Dynamic Content in an Email:

The right content at the right time

Providers of the dynamic emails keep track of the customers purchase habits(through his credit card), his taste, the section of the magazine he reads, what engages his attention on the internet, whether he is travelling, where he travels etc. They tap all the relevant information through various means and the audience is segmented accordingly.

A viewer can then be classified into the targeted segment of the audience. And a personalized email can be created considering all the personal information about the user.

Interesting subject lines

Since subject line of the email cannot be changed after it is sent, creating the right subject line becomes essential. If the subject of the email doesn’t hold users attention or generates any interest, he will not open the email, and that implies failed effort. Companies are using AI for subject line tools that use an algorithm to assess subject lines and past data to find the most appropriate words.

Now, AI is using algorithms to create subject lines using hundreds of different phrases and analyse how the audience responds to it. Also, AI is being used to create email subject lines using emotions and sentiments that refer to the brand and in turn result in higher user engagement and conversion rates.


With increasing advancement in AI, marketers will be able to judge the best send time for email also. Besides with AI, there will be innovation in other marketing areas also other than email. Planning of the content is essential as only innovative quality content can give the desired results. The dynamic content creation is a time consuming and a committed task, but in the long run, it will help the brand achieve its goals, i.e. developing Customer-Focused Content to increase customer engagement leading to more conversion rates and creating a loyal customer base which will finally improve the revenue.