Today everyone wants to look stylish and up to the trends of the latest fashion. However, there are only two possible ways to look trendier; one is to hire a professional designer or manage your wardrobe. Now, hiring a professional fashion designer will require a substantial balance in your bank account. There is another way to keep yourself updated with the latest fashion, which is by following the best fashion bloggers, who convey their style to the audience. These bloggers apprise the experiences for their readers by posting images, videos and websites links related to their blog. Fashion blogging is the best way to interact with all fashion lovers and also make it easier the process of exploring the fashion realm. These blogs are not only helping the people to learn the best ways to wear any outfit, but also improving their confidence level while they are trying something different. Moreover, everybody wishes to have a stylish, confident look like a celebrity. So, if you are tired of searching the latest fashion trends, then I advise you to take a look at this post as I am going to tell you about some of the best fashion bloggers living in our country. Follow them and become a fashion veteran among your friends, family and peers.

Santoshi Shetty

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Santoshi Shetty is a Mumbai based fashion blogger. With her bold attitude, you can see the level of confidence she is carrying inside her. Her blog ‘Thestyledge’ is top-rated on the internet, and inside the heart of all fashion lovers on various platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. She was an architect by profession and never thought to be in the fashion world. The turning point in her life came when people on the Instagram start noticing her for the everyday personal style that she used to post on it. As the time lapsed, many fashion brands start calling her for work. She believes that each woman should love her body irrespective of the situation. She has gained many awards in the fashion world and owned a production house that handles her YouTube channel. She wrote for most of the big brands in the industry and collaborated with some huge ones like Nykaa, Maybelline, BBlunt, H&M, Metallic and much more. She was featured in the Cosmopolitan magazine and much more.

Reason for following her

If you are unhappy with your wardrobe or unable to mix and match the styles, then believe me guys she is the one who can make you feel more confident about your fashion sense and also suggest you the easiest way to enhance it.