For many site owners, the main task is to rank their content for the position zero. Now the question is What is Position Zero? And How to Rank for Featured Snippets?

About Position Zero

Position zero simply means that the feature snippets that appear on the top of the Search Engine Result Page. Position zero is also called ‘featured snippets’ or ‘rank zero’.

Featured snippets are the ‘special search results’ that you normally see on top of the normal search result on page 1 in Google. Most SERPs have ten results in position 1 to 10, but featured snippets always have an approach to rank for ‘position zero’. It does not always appear on every SERP. The snippets refer to a summarized result which it takes out programmatically from the page and answers a question. It contains extracted answers from the page’s content, plus title and URL.

Why is Position zero important for your content?

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Getting your feature snippets at rank zero has many benefits; firstly you have a better chance of getting user’s attention as your content will be on top of the page.

Now, Google highlights your featured snippets so highly, users will understand that your link is relevant to their search in no time. That means your website will appear more credible to the users, which increases your click- rate.

Generally, users click twice on the featured snippets more than the first search result, that is, achieving position can increase your website traffic. Having designed your content marketing strategies which mean keeping eye on growing list, generating list, or driving sales, you can get the conversions you are looking for. For the best service, you can search for the best Digital Marketing Agency in Delhi.

Advantages of top three positions:

When your link or content appears on the position zero or on the top three positions, it means that your content successfully fulfills the user’s initial query. You will also have lower chances of returning to the SERPs and browsing the other search results which means you are indirectly preventing users to clicking your competitor’s page, that is, more business to your site of course.

Downside of Position Zero

  1. Your effort may be ineffective

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    Sometimes, poor quality content is the main reason why you are reaching the position zero. Actually, it is a complete waste of time when you are not presenting the information in the correct way.

  2. Snippets could disappear

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    Sometimes, you may encounter some major changes back to back, affecting your search results. It is true that sometimes position zero can change overnight as the Google algorithm is always evolving.

When to aim Position Zero

The perfect time to reach position zero is when you have the perfect content. It is clear that the advantages of position zero outweigh the downside.

How to get the Position Zero      

If you want to reach the position zero, here are some tips you will need to keep in mind:

  1. Choose the Right Content:

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    Many of us do not know that only certain types of content will reach the position zero. Focus on the page like finance, times and other numerical values or information about health also works. For this, you need to learn about optimizing the content which increases the search engine results.

  2. Research Keywords:

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    The keywords which rank the best are well researched and that is what is going to get you a step ahead in your rankings. Long tail keywords of 6 words are considered as the correct keywords. You can go for the Digital Marketing Services in Delhi if you are looking for services related to digital marketing.

  3. Enhance the Content:

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    Once you are done with the right keywords and content, now it’s time to prepare the page for position zero. Firstly ensure that your content provides the right answers to the users. After that add some more information to the question and do the correct code or tagging.


Since Google keeps changing the SEO works, it is impossible to predict its next move. You need to know How to Rank for Featured Snippets which is not that tough a goal to achieve.  Delivering the most accurate answer to the most searched question in the easiest format is the only way to reach the position zero. If you can do that well, you always will win in the SERPs.