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Canada is one of the top education-oriented countries and the immigration policy of this country is quite lenient when compared to other countries in the world. Due to the quality of education this country provides, lakhs of students go there and study in the most prestigious and well-reputed Universities of Canada. Most of the Universities in Canada are among the top ranked universities in the world which receives millions of applications every year. In order to visit the country to study there, one needs to submit a well-written SOP to grab the Canada study visa. But writing a perfect and an outstanding SOP is quite a tough task as many people who are not fully aware of the guidelines and the perfect format often ends up submitting a lousy or a shoddy statement letter due to which their application gets rejected by the visa officer and they provide a refusal letter which mentions the cause of their refusal. Hence one must write their SOPs with the utmost care which can impress and convince the authorities present there and grant you the Canadian visa. There is usually no word limit in writing the Statement of Purpose but keeping it between 1000 to 1500 words is advised by the Canadian Authorities. 

Word Limit and Guidelines play the major role in writing the SOP. But the most important part of writing the SOP is that your SOP should be unique, original and authentic with negligible plagiarism. Neither your SOP should be a replica of your Resume nor it should contain any grammatical or spelling errors. Your SOP should have to be easy to read, any idioms or tough sentences should have to be completely avoided and it must be written in a very humble and neutral tone.

There are few types of Canada Visa. Some of them are mentioned below:

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      Spain Study Visa

       If you have taken admission in any of the Canadian Universities, then you can apply for the Canadian Study Visa. By this visa, you will be allowed to enter Canada only for study purposes. You will have to leave Canada immediately once your study is completed.

      Spain Spouse Visa

      If you are studying or working in Canada and your spouse is in your home country and you want him/ her to stay with you and be your emotional strength, then you need to apply for the Canadian Spouse Visa.

      Spain Tourist Visa

      A Canada Visitor Visa is also referred to as Canada Tourist Visa or Temporary Resident Visa. You need to write an SOP and have to attach it along with your Visa application in order to grab the Visa from the Canadian Visa office.

      Spain Work Visa

      If you are planning to work in Canada, then you need to apply for the work permit. After getting approved for that you can apply for a Canada Work Visa. By this, you will be allowed to enter Canada for working purposes and you will need to leave Canada after your working period is over.

      Spain Visitor Visa

      Let’s start by understanding what a Visitor Visa is. A visitor Visa SOP is a letter wherein you explain why you want to visit a country and who are you visiting? Is it a friend, relative or any other acquaintance.

      Spain Dependent Visa

      While working or studying in Canada, one always left their parents or family behind in their home country. As they are dependent on you, and they need someone to take care of, you need to apply for a Canadian Dependent Visa in order to stay with your family.

      Range of our SOP Writing Services for Spain Visa

      SOP for Study Visa after 12th

      We will help you in establishing yourself as a potential candidate to go abroad among thousands of other candidates. Our Professional SOP writers create appealing storylines that allow visa officers to understand your personal and professional aspirations, expectations and future prospects.

      SOP for Study Visa after 5 years Gap

      After gaining years of experience in providing top-quality SOP to students with highest success rate, we have become highly accomplished in dealing with year gap cases. We will provide you with an excellent SOP that will help you in standing out of the crowd and getting shortlisted.

      SOP for Study Visa After 10 years Gap

      Study gap of 5 years is acceptable by the Canadian universities but it becomes difficult to give admission to the students with 10 or more years gap. But we have dealt with these cases and have gained the highest acceptance rate.

      SOP for Study Visa After 15 years Gap and More

      Study gap of 15 years or more is acceptable in very few Canadian Universities. If you want to study in Canada after a 15 or more years gap, then you need to justify the reasons for your gap extensively. It should have to be convincing enough to grant you the study visa. We will provide you a convincing and an approval-worthy SOP which will help you in getting shortlisted in an instant even after having a 15 or more years study gap. 

      Accolades of Our Visa SOP Writing Services in India

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      Justification Letter

      Visa Application Help

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      Letter of Explanation (SOP After Refusal)

      An explanation letter is a crucial document that demarcates the reasons about why you think the visa refusal was invalid and void, and why it should be repealed or taken back. LOE is the Letter of Explanation which the students need to add to their application if their SOP for Canada visa was rejected by the Visa officer. You need to write the SOP for Canada Visa After Refusal, in order to reapply but it should include more information than the previous one with an improved way of writing. This can result from the missing documents that could not be provided or you were not able to convince the visa officer that you will leave Canada once your visiting period is terminated. After writing the SOP, one needs to write a Letter of Explanation after refusal, by mentioning all the relevant reasons for their refusals clearly along with their relevant explanations for the same.

      This letter must be original with the original signature of the applicant and without containing any plagiarized content. This will help you reapply after a specific period of time by amending the fault. We have gained greatest expertise in dealing with the refusal cases. We have written impeccable SOPs after refusal and LOEs with the greatest acceptance rate.

      LOE After 1st Refusal

      Our professional writers will provide you with an exemplary Letter of Explanation for Canada study permit after refusal which will help you in getting accepted in an instant.

      LOE After 2nd Refusal

      We have a team of accomplished writers, who will write a profound LOE which will be approval-worthy and you will get the Canadian visa even after getting refusal.

      LOE After 3rd Refusal

      Our experienced writers have a brief knowledge of all the guidelines and perfect format required to write an excellent Justification Letter for Canada Visa Rejection. And even after getting refused for the 3rd time, you will be able to grab the visa from the visa officer.

      LOE After 4th and more Refusals

      Even after getting refusal for 4th or more time, the authorities will still let you reapply. Our professional writers have gained immense expertise in dealing with refusal cases, hence they will provide you with a top-quality LOE which will impress the Visa Officer in an instant and you will get the visa in your hands.

      Hire Professional SOP Writers for LOE

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      Our Visa SOP Writing Services for Spain

      SOP For Spain Student Visa

      SOP For Spain Spouse Visa

      SOP For Spain Visitor Visa

      SOP For Spain Tourist Visa

      SOP For Spain Work Visa

      SOP For Spain Dependent Visa

      Visa Filling by Contentholic

      Applicants must complete their online application to begin their Visa Filing process. After completing the online application form, applicants should upload scanned copies of essential and necessary documents such as passports, photographs, etc. Download it in order to complete the online application. Although the processing time is usually 4-5 days, it is not uncommon for applicants to receive their visa within 24 hours of completing their application.

      We at Contentholic will help you in your Visa Filing Process. We will assist you in compiling your documents, processing your visa application, getting your visa application approved, etc. Only with the help of your visa filing it will be decided whether you will receive your study permit or not. As a consequence, Contact and Get in Touch with us in order to get our full assistance for your Visa Filing Process. 

      Visa Filling for Fresh Case

      Visa Filling for Refusal Case

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      Frequently Related Questions (FAQs)

      How Do I Write SOP for Canada After Refusal?

      • Begin with your brief introduction.
      • Talk about Your Academic Background.
      • Explain your interest in the course you have chosen from a particular Canadian university.
      • Explain why you chose Canadian University for your further study.
      • End your SOP with sincerity and don’t forget to talk about how passionate you are to go and study in Canada.

      How to Write a Letter of Explanation?

      • Begin with your introduction.
      • Specify when you submitted your application and the purpose of your trip.
      • Mention the date when you received your Canada Visa Refusal.
      • Mention the reasons why your Canada Visa was rejected or refused, as declared in the rejection letter by the higher authorities.
      • Explain your reasons for observing that the reasons for the Canada visa refusal were unjust, void and were not valid by attaching the original documents as evidence with it.
      • Sign your name at the bottom of the LOE after you’ve printed it. 

      Can I Get a Canada Visa After Refusal?

      Yes, even after getting rejected for 4 or more times, the Canadian authorities will still let you reapply unless your decision letter says you can’t. You should only reapply if you can include more information with an improved way of writing.

      How to Prove I Will Leave Canada?

      Your application may get rejected if you will not be able to convince the visa officer that you will leave Canada. Here are some of the reasons that you can explain while writing your application.

      • Family Ties
      • Spouse or Children
      • Property/ Immovable Assets
      • Business Ownership
      • Investments
      • Financial Stability
      • Criminal Records

      Do Visa Officers Read Our SOPs?

      Yes, the Visa officers read your SOPs or the Statement of Purpose as only because of that, they will come to know about you. If your SOP is appealing and convincing enough, then you will definitely be able to stand out of the crowd and will get shortlisted in your desired Canadian university.

      What is the Word Limit for Writing the SOP for Canada Visa?

      The word limit varies from country-to-country. But as advised by the Canadian authorities, the word limit for writing SOP for Canada Visa is between 1000 to 1500 words.

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