People are relying a lot more on technology to get the solution to their problems as they want their issue to be fixed instantly. Search Engines like Google are a pioneer in providing the peoples what they are looking for. If you own a small business, you must reach to these potential customers so that you could increase your sale and revenue. Well, the question is how you can pitch your services to your target audience. The answer is Search Engine Optimization. It is a technique which allows to optimize one’s website according to the guidelines of search engine. Once the site is optimized, it will achieve good organic ranking in Search Engine Page Results (SERPs), and thus your target customers will reach to you.

Mark Your Web Presence

It sounds quite simple, but it’s a bit complicated. You need to make a website to mark your online presence and then it will be SEO-Optimized. The requirement of small business owners is just the leads that they want to generate from their websites. So, they need to create a site that has a simple and easy-to-use interface and not a complicated design with many functionalities that users don’t need. Here are some of the things listed by a Website Developer in Delhi that one must keep in mind before having their website developed.

It should appear professional

Although people don’t say it, but they are pretty judgmental about everything. Therefore, you must have a site that looks professional. The look and feel of the website are important but so is the content placement. The content of the website is what do the talking with the customer. Be it image, video or written text it must be placed beautifully to give a professional look to the site. WordPress is a platform which is widely used for making small and professional websites. You can find a right WordPress Developer in Delhi and take his services.

It should be able to interact with the customers

The customers come to your website, and they go through the site. In a way, your website does the interaction with the potential customers. You must make sure that the interaction becomes smooth and the customer gets satisfied and takes your services in the end. To make the communication easy, you must put all the essential information about your services on the site and the contact information like email id and phone number should be mentioned on every page rather than the contact page only. You can also put an interactive Quick Enquiry form using which customers can send you their requirements.

It should be equipped with online payment

If you want to convert your potential customers into real customers quickly, then your website must have an option to make the online payment. Services like PayPal and others can help you in integrating an online payment option on your site. Thus, customers will be able to make the payment using debit cards, credit cards or net banking and take your services or buy your product.

It should be secured for users

Everyone is concerned about their personal data being stolen, and that’s why you must provide a sense of trust to them that their data is safe with you. You must put an extra layer of security to your website by installing SSL on it.

It should be SEO Friendly

The website must be SEO friendly, i.e., it must have low page load time, rich snippet must be integrated effectively, only required images must be used and it should have an option to update title and Meta descriptions for the pages. Along with this, it must also be mobile-friendly as we know most visitors on the site use mobile devices to view the site.

Social Media Integration

Every brand or business is present on Social Media. It not only helps in reaching to the potential customers but also it helps in creating trust amongst the customers. Therefore, your website must be integrated with the social media.

Better Web hosting Solutions

Based on your website requirements, you must opt a good web hosting solutions. Some people go for free hosting services which is not recommended as the functionality is quite limited on these free servers. If you have only one website, then there is no need to buy a dedicated server. You can purchase a shared hosting server capable of hosting your site as well as providing a good bandwidth. You can take expert help of your Website Developer before choosing.


It is not essential to make a big website having a lovely design with complex functionalities rather make a simple website with the excellent look and feel. Simple websites have a lot of advantages as they have less number of images which makes the size of the site small and its speed faster. Hence, if you are an owner of small business, create a website that works for you and helps in generating more leads and sales.