Being a professional content writer and writing contents is not enough. You are considered as a good content writer only if your content is shareable.

But, how are you supposed to know if your content is worthy enough to be shared?

Well, there are some characteristics which you need to know in order to decide whether your content is shareable or not.

  • Ability to entertain

According to various studies, it is found out that the majority of people react to those contents which have the tendency to arouse positive feelings such as delight, excitement, awe, etc. If your content has some kind of positivity along with the ability to entertain the reader, then it has more chances of getting shared.

The content which arouses negative emotions like anger, frustration, also inclined to get a good amount of shares. However, the contents that make the readers feel confused or sad do not get much appreciation, hence the low number of shares.

  • Visual appeal

Writing great content is not enough to make it appealing or shareable. Good content needs to look good as well which can be done only with help of attractive visuals. If your content looks dull and has only the written material, nobody would take much interest in reading the same, whereas content with relatable pictures or videos can attract more readers towards it.

But, you should also keep in mind that the visuals should be in sync with the content. Avoiding this can easily distract the readers from the texts which are the most important part of the overall content.

  • Interests people

While using the internet or social media, viewers look for the things which interest them and also make a connection with other people of same interest. While publishing content on a specific topic, you must try to relate those topics to some other issues in which the majority of the audience will take a high interest.

For instance, if you are writing content on the topic ‘tips to stay fit’, you can relate this topic to popular celebrities like how these celebrities stay fit and what do they do to remain healthy. Doing this will attract more audience to your content because most of the population is takes a deeper interest in what their celebrities are up to.

  • Informative content

It is easy to create unique content but to make sure that it is informative should be your first priority. People do read interesting content but they also require all the information on a specific topic. Such a content which is very informative has the potential to get the most shares possible.

For instance, if you are writing on the topic ‘obesity’, then you must write everything regarding the obesity issue. If you think writing just the causes of obesity is enough for your readers, then no, it is not so. They might read your content but they will not think of it worthy to share. However, if your content also says how to overcome obesity, then there is a high number of chances that your piece would get shared among others.

People generally look for information on the internet hence, how-to contents, tips-to content and likewise contents are more capable to increase the traffic of the webpage and nudges people to share the piece forward.


Paying heed to these points will certainly help you to make your content shareable. Apart from this, you can also seek the help of professional content writing services as they are well-knowledgeable and know how to create shareable content.