Most of the marketers are looking for more ways to grow businesses with AdSense. Most of the experts continue to focus on high-quality content and delivering the best user experience without paying too much attention to Google’s current algorithm and signals. Contact the Best Content Writers in Delhi and generate more leads with your content.

We have listed some key suggestions of Google on how to design and organize your website content with an overall emphasis on the website.

Avoid creating multiple pages or with duplicate content

Focus on creating high-quality sites rather than a large quantity of sites. Making your site richer in information and authentic in content not only satisfy your users but also helps you win more of them. When user browsing online, they want quick and accurate result without combing through multiple pages. It means you must consider consolidating the multiple pages into one which are similar in content or template designs.

Provide content which invites your user to return to your site               

Before writing content for your site, ask yourself if the page provides significant information as compared to sites covering the similar subjects. It is always worth to create the original and relevant content which sets your website apart from the rest.

Try to make your site user-friendly

Some marketers create a site which appears to offer a product or services but they make the user navigate through several pages and viewing ads which ultimately harm their reputation. Building high-quality sites require effort and time and user-experience is something which should be on prior for the digital marketers. In addition to that, use appropriate keywords in your content and help the user to navigate your site easily and find your products and services. In order to make your website stand out, you must learn the must-have tools for online reputation.

Page should provide original and information-rich content

Original content is the real key. It should be organized and informative so that users easily navigate your site and moreover, they would find your page interesting. Below are some points you need to keep in mind:

  • Choose the topics your feel enthusiastic about
  • Avoid replicating the other website providing the same content or producing overlapping and redundant content.
  • Try to engage your user with your content rather than creating content with high-paying keywords to attract bots.

The placement of ads on non-content-based pages

Some websites that provided valuable content as a whole have certain section or pages which are not well-suited. You must avoid placing these ads on several pages. For examples: a page where users are shown ‘thank you’ message for their visit or purchase or 404 error pages where users are informed that there is no content in this URL.


As low-quality content on some parts of a website can impact the whole site’s ranking so you should remove low-quality pages, improve the content of individual shallow pages or move the low-quality pages to a different domain. These tactics will help to build high-quality site and thus, improve rankings. Hire High Quality Content Writers to create the best content for your company.