In today’s time, everybody wishes that their business leads the Google Search Engine Ranking Page. In order to accomplish their requirements, they even take the help of the top SEO agency in Delhi. However, there are many factors one need to follow while working on the company’s growth on Google SERP.

Here, we are going to discuss the relationship between SEO and content and what will happen if the two get together for one mission.

As you know, in the quest of getting more recognition and approval of backing of Google, people post a number of contents on Google in the form of blog, article, social media updates, infographics, videos and much more.

The one important thing you must remember is that having quality content is one of the most essential requirements in the race of getting to the top of the Google SERP.

According to the latest reports, 97% of digital marketers agree that nowadays, SEO and content marketing has become corresponding to each other.

Let us now look into the matter up close and know how content is helpful for SEO.

Are Content and SEO the same as the other?

You must know that as people today are using the digital platform more than anything else, the services of your company should also reach them no matter where they are. In order to make it happen, you must optimize for intent.

Most often than not, the audience make use of three main search categories such as –

  • Navigational

The searches where the users are aware of the company’s name and want to search for the same on Google are known as the Navigational searches. For example – “Philips”.

  • Informational

When the users desire to learn about a particular thing, service or product of the company, it is known as the Informational search. For example –“How much does Philips Hair Dryer cost?”

  • Transactional

If the users have asked a commercial question indicating that they are interested in buying the product, it is known as the Transactional search. For example –“Buy Philips Hair Dryer”.

So, if the SEO is combined with content marketing, you can easily influence the users if they fall under the discovery stage or purchase stage.

Now, let us know in brief, how to do intent marketing with the combination of SEO and Content Marketing.

  • Know your audience

It is necessary for you to know your audience as it will help you create content that is relevant to the audience’s interest. It will certainly give the audience a reason to stay loyal to your business.

  • Purpose of content

The content you create should always have purposes. These purposes are mainly to educate, inform, inspire, persuade and entertain the readers.

  • Optimize content

Writing a piece of content is not enough. You also need to optimize it with the help of choosing a relevant topic and the right keywords. Make sure to optimize the content keeping the mobile users in mind.

  • Mix quality and quantity

Your content should always be of high-quality and your posts should be consistent so that your audience remains engaged with your brand and do not forget about your existence.


Therefore, make sure that you seek the help of one of the best digital marketing companies in Delhi who will pay heed to the aforementioned points and market with intent to achieve desired results.