On-Page SEO is the procedure of honing distinct web pages so that they rank on top and drive in more relevant traffic on the search engines. Both content and HTML source code of a page that can be well-optimized is together is known as On-page SEO.

There’s no one best-suited practice for optimizing your “on-page” SEO rather you must consider following them all. Heed into these best practices and drive in hoards of your traffic for your eCommerce website

The Tag Fundamentals

Don’t you ponder over the meta tags? Well, the fact that these title tags and meta tags highly impact your website’s Google ranking may tend you to work upon them more effectively. Below we list the major tags to ponder upon:

1. Title Tag

The ideal length for Title tags counts to over 50-60 characters only. It cannot be exceeded to more than 60 characters by any means. Hence, Google prefers a concise, clear and descriptive title tag. You must be attentive enough while writing the title of your webpage.

2. Meta Description

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Meta descriptions play yet another crucial role in deciding the rank of your web page. Research shows around 43.2% of people click on the results based on the meta description alone. The search engines use meta descriptions to evaluate the related topic and find the exact audience matching their results. The ideal length of any meta description should not be more than “160 characters”. Restrain yourself from stuffing keywords in your meta description. Rather, pick up other suggestions from LSI graph relating your keywords and include them accordingly.

Site Speed

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As we have been saying for quite a long time in our previous write-ups that your website’s speed can either “make” or “break” your eCommerce business. It can be proved as studies show that more than 47% of your target audience expects your site to load within a span of two seconds. There is no denying the fact that your customers may get turned off with a slow loading website. Moreover, they may opt for your rivals within seconds. A speedy website would drive huge traffic to your website. Hence, improving your On-Page SEO.

Crawlable Content that drives search traffic

Content is the backbone of a prospering eCommerce business and on-page SEO is the nerve of content marketing. However, the phrase “Content is King” doesn’t validate only by writing long paragraphs. Instead, it comprises effective keyword phrase components which embodies long tail keywords. Here we would lay down certain key components that drives a lot of traffic to your web page and helps you get better with your on-page SEO-

  • Your content must tend to solve the query of readers.
  • It must deal with every detailed insight about the topic.
  • It should be written considering the user in mind.
  • Must be easy to share and should revolve the keywords.

To Sum Up…

Now that you have gained well-expertise about optimising your On-Page SEO you must gain some help from tools like Google Analytics to keep a check on your performance. Moreover, you would love to leverage some help from the best SEO services in Delhi. Hit in to explore everything about the best SEO company in Delhi.