With a number of companies relying on digital channels to promote their brand, it is high time to invest in Content Marketing. Therefore, everyone incorporates content marketing in their marketing strategy. However, if no one can find the content shared by you, then it is of no use. Hence, it is critical to optimize the content for search engines in order to increase the organic visibility of your brand. With the increase in organic visibility, you can surely pitch your sales to the target audiences and boosts sales and ROI of your business. Once you master the content optimization technique, you’ll see that your content does better both for long tail and short tail keywords. Here are some of the SEO Content Optimization tips you can follow to have better results on SERP Pages.

  1. Start with Keywords research and Analysis Content Optimization starts with deciding the right keywords i.e., the ideal keywords would be the one for which there is less competition but high searches. It’s the keywords that decide whether your content is relatable to the customers or not. They act as a proxy to add value and meaning to the content. SEO content strategy is ensuring how many people are searching for any particular keyword before accepting it. While doing the keywords research one should keep in mind the intent of the customers. This research ensures the relevance of your content and results in a good impact on your business by engaging more traffic and conversions over the time. Working and researching on the keywords allows you to stay ahead in your work.
  2. Choose and target the Result Type in SERPThere was a time when Google’s results pages were just a list of links. Today, Google displays its findings in a variety of user-friendly visual forms to help users find information faster. It provides separate results for different types of content, i.e. snippets featured, local packs, to videos, and it entirely depends on the search results. Leaving your mark on at least any one of these result types is crucial as it enhances the rank of your content and puts you on the top of the search results. There are no easy tricks to achieve a universal result type but doing good SEO content writing and following a better content optimization strategy you can get the required results.
  3. Create Group of keywords related to your goalOnce the marketers choose their primary keyword, they stop their keyword research. And this is just the beginning. For the improvement of your visibility, you need to optimise a group of keywords related to an idea rather than a single keyword. Using like-minded keywords helps to create keyword themes. Keyword themes do three things:
    • These help the search engines to find out what your content is all about and how it is user-friendly.Your content remains unique and more accessible to discover.Your content remains relevant to your audience and is more relatable due to less use of artificial keywords.
    It is mandatory to use a minimum of two to three keywords to create a theme. Choosing a sensible keyword is also an important task. Using complex keywords should be avoided to engage good traffic of the targeted audience.
  4. Videos with TranscriptsUsing video content is a valuable marketing tool now. As per a recent survey, it has been found that 81% of businesses are using video as a powerful marketing tool. The bar has gone up by 18% since last year. Adding a transcription of the video to the video landing page helps the search engines to crawl through the text of the page for indexing. These texts help the search engines to understand the content of the video and rank it accordingly. These transcriptions not only makes the task easy for the search engines but also makes the visitors happy as they can quickly go through if the video is related to their purpose or not. It leaves them with a positive experience. This video transcript can be further used in a blog post, social quotes, white paper, etc.
  5. Page Load Speed Matters It has been recently declared by Google that if it takes more than three seconds to load a page, then you are sure to lose 53% of your mobile site visitors. It is because people seldom hold on to their patience when undergoing a poor experience online. A single glitch will push them to some other site. This is the reason why the loading of a web page is quite crucial on any device. To ensure whether your webpage is fast enough, Google is offering you a free PageSpeed Insights tool. This tool is of great help because it not just recommends you on how to improve the speed of your content but along with telling you about your performance on mobile as well as desktop.
  6. Images must be Optimized The size of the images also matters to a lot of extent in the loading of your page. So, before you publish, check out the size of the picture. If you want a better search ranking, ensure that your image has title, alt text and it is placed properly. These are the essential elements to add relevance and context which will further result in a better ranking. Image optimisation also helps in adding more visibility to your image.


To conclude with we can say that content optimisation has become a key feature in engaging more traffic. So, start optimising today for conversion opportunities. We are Content Marketing Agency in Delhi and if you need any assistance regarding content strategy or optimization we are just one call away.