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Ideas & Writing: Two phases of one coin

The two significant things control every human being on this earth. One is the always conscious brain, and the other is our subconscious mind. Both have equal impact on our personality and the way we thought about different ideas in our daily life. Sometimes we want our thoughts to trace on something via a mesmerising poem, a heart touching song, an exciting story or by a book.

We all want our thoughts to be accepted by this world and writing is a beneficial way to do so. But everyone has their way of response to a stimulus. Some of the people have brilliant writing skills some have great ideas all time running in their minds but have lack of words to express them on paper. Now the question is how you can give beautiful words to your unique ideas?

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Ghostwriters: Your Invisible Hands

The answer is Ghostwriter. As the name suggests, a Ghostwriter is a behind scene of your written materials. That means you give mind-blowing ideas and the Ghostwriter provide astonishing words to those ideas. Ghostwriting stands for the writing work done for a person who is somehow not able to give shape to his view.

The profile of a Ghostwriter is to give shape to your ideas in his own words but don’t get the credibility of it. After reading this much about the ghostwriters and ghostwriting you must be thinking that “how to hire ghostwriters?” or “is there any professional ghostwriter in India?” Or you may be questioning yourself “who provides the best ghostwriting services in Delhi?”

Professional Ghostwriting Services in Delhi, India

The answer to all of the questions is Contentholic ghostwriting services. We believe that “every word is an idea” and bring the highly professional and skilled ghostwriters at your service. You are just a call away from your dream writing project. Contentholic is a leading content management system that provides the best solutions for content, promotions and much more.

Our team is occupied with experienced writers. For ghostwriting services, we know the actual power of the pen and assure towards the reality of your ideas. We bring your ideas to the world. This will give your thoughts recognition, and that’s our achievement. Contentholic provides ghostwriting services in India including cities like Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Gurgaon, etc. However, you can call us from any place pan-India and will complete all your expectation regarding the ghostwriting services and types of projects we do.

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Types of Ghostwriting we do

At Contentholic we do a vast variety of ghostwriting project. Our professional ghostwriters can sense the bond that you have with your fabulous ideas and hence can write whatever you want them to write.

Non-fictional Writing

Nonfictional writing is based on facts. Such kinds of books include autobiography, how-to books, health and fitness book and much more. At Contentholic you will find the best professional ghostwriters that will work as per your idea. Give us an idea, and we make them scientific facts.


Story-Books Writing

Have you ever heard grandma’s tales?. Every story has a moral behind it and spread values among the children. Give you ideas on short-stories, and we will make them real. Our professional ghostwriters can write the short stories on your behalf to get your kids back to the era of grandma’s tales.


Fictional Writing

Do you think you have brilliant imagination skills? If yes, then you are made for fictional writing. If you have millions of views but can’t express them in your words, then contact us and hire our ghostwriting service and let us be your hands to write your thoughts.


Novel Writing

Do you have an incredible idea for your future best-selling novel? Indian writers are very famous across the globe for their fantastic imagination skills and superb writing skills. Hiring Contentholic ghostwriting services will complete half your work. You only need to imagine, and we will give words to your incredible thoughts.


Cookbooks Writing

Do you have tons of successful experiments done in your kitchen? Share your cooking ideas, recipes, and tricks with the help of cookbooks. We understand that you don’t get time to write. So make Contentholic ghostwriters your hands, and they give words to your dishes. Your dishes will get recognised in every kitchen.


Biography Writing

Telling people about the journey of your life is a fantastic thing. But it comes with challenges like time-consumption, good writing skill, etc. Hiring Contentholic ghostwriting service will make this task easy for you as you only tell the story of life and we decorate it with the best words.

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Why us for Ghostwriting Services?

After reading so much about the Contentholic and our successful ghostwriting services in India, you must be thinking that how we are different from the other ghostwriters in India? Our process is listed below:

Listen first approach

Our professional ghostwriters apply the listen first approach. The first step towards deploying an idea is to hear it from the one who gets it first. Because we believe in “Give Ideas Get Words.”

Project progress report

We give you continuous project progress status. It will ensure you on the deadline that we ask for project completion. Hiring professional ghostwriting services is now faithful, and the credit goes to Contentholic’s ghostwriters.

Affordable prices

Hiring a professional and experienced ghostwriter in India is very costly. Due to our customer friendly policies and values, you can employ Contentholic ghostwriting services in India get affordable pricing with PR benefits.

No plagiarism

At Contentholic we have zero tolerance for plagiarism. That’s why we are the leading brand in the content management system and our ghostwriters famous in the market. Because “Every Idea Deserves A Unique Word.”

Get 100% secrecy of Ghostwriters

Last but the not the least. Secrecy is the essential thing in ghostwriting, that’s why we maintain high confidentiality towards the materials written for you. Our ghostwriter act as your hands and our contract preserves the secrecy of the writer’s name working on your projects.

Another critical factor that makes us the number Ghostwriter Services in India is our professionalism. This professionalism comes from the high working experience and positive working attitude of our ghostwriters. Our professionalism makes us more secretive in our work but more expressive in our writing because we are doing it for you.

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