SEO Research & Analysis

SEO Research & Analysis in India

A sound premeditated and carefully executed campaign leads to benefits like improved visibility online, new business opportunities and sustaining at the top in the long run. There are indeed a lot more to be seen in the running. If an online entrepreneur markets his products or services online with a properly optimized website, it would achieve a lot more leads and clients. The entire business would run on the website alone and with higher ranking and traffic, conversion rate would increase itself. It’s the ultimate goal of a business.

How Does One Create a Winning SEO Campaign?

An SEO campaign differs from one another. It depends on the requirements of the nature and location of the business. A businessman has to be involved in every step and phase of the campaign. Planning is the most important part. A SEO campaign consists of different phases like research and analysis, site optimization – on-page optimization and off-page optimization, reviewing and tweaking. If the very first phase goes wrong, then the entire campaign will be a failure. Before a businessman invests his time and energy in making a campaign successful certain process’s have to be dealt with. The processes are:

Research & Analysis

This stage defines the state of a businessman’s site that is where it stands according to the perspective of the search engine. Analysis of a keyword falls into this category. Experts at contentholic identify the targeted keywords including long key phrases of his niche and propose relevant keywords for the report.

Keyword Selection

Selecting the right keywords is an important part of a SEO campaign. Selecting the wrong keywords will make the entire campaign a complete disappointment. Achieving the desired results is difficult when one tries to optimize their sites on their own. SEO expert at contentholic manages and conducts such campaign effectively.

Research & Analysis (Internet Marketing & SEO)

This consists of the study of a website, its completion, ranking, keywords and optimization that requires removing the redundancy from a site. Like all other websites, this includes traffic, important keywords, and on-page and off page optimization. There are certain things that are required for optimizing a website and internet marketing. They are:

  •  Website On-Page and Off-Page Analysis
  •  Ranking Analysis
  •  Optimization Planning
  • Website Traffic Study
  • Keywords Research
  • User Interface Analysis
  • Website Code Analysis
  • Search Engine Friendly Analysis
  • User Friendly Analysis
  • Business Related Analysis

Contentholic runs effective SEO campaigns for businesses belonging to various industries which can boost your online presence. Contact us to get a package that suits your requirements.

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