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Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a combination of numerous strategies and techniques used to boost the number of visitors on a website by improving its ranking in the search engines like Google, Bing etc.

In today’s time, an effective SEO strategy that delivers tangible results is crucial to the success of any business. A Good ranking in search engines like Google ensures better visibility and branding for your products. An effective Search engine optimization strategy not only brings you customers and leads but also develops trust and confidence amongst the potential customers. The increase in business traffic implies a rise in conversion rates and higher revenue thereby. It also helps provide valuable insights into the customer’s behaviour which aids in making informed and improved decisions for your further business strategies. An efficient SEO strategy provides a better ROI than the traditional forms of marketing

Why choose us?

We are amongst the leading SEO companies in Delhi. From developing an appealing and quality driven website to promoting it and ensuring better visibility with measurable results, our team of professionals, provide a one-stop solution to all your SEO requirements. Our SEO experts with the years of experience in their field are well versed in different techniques and tactics to establish your brand’s authority in the market. Our continuously growing expertise and experience with our result oriented approach ensure that you always stay ahead of the competition. Our solutions are safe, simple, transparent as well as cost-effective. Having more than 10 years of experience, we emphasise on not only fulfilling the client’s expectations but also establishing long-term relationships with him. Our continuously growing list of clients speaks volumes about our capability and eagerness to make you a leader in your field.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Monthly Reports

Monthly Reports

Our Approach

Deciding objectives

The objectives and the expectations of the company seeking our services are laid out and understood foremost. The timeline, the cost and the strategy is developed and explained in detail to the client. The required changes are made, and a plan is developed considering the goals of the company.

Keyword research

90% of the online experience today starts with a search engine. A higher ranking in the search engine can be the most significant factor in deciding the success of a business. Therefore identifying the right keywords and group of keywords to be used becomes utmost important. We undertake research and analyze the keywords associated with your product. We emphasize not only on the primary but also the secondary keywords for the page.

Competition Analysis

Various tools and SEO software are used to analyze and identify the performance of your competitors. The crucial areas in which your competitors are performing better and the reasons behind it are evaluated. The keywords used, the content, its placement, the marketing strategies used, the response and result are inspected, and approach is improvised accordingly.

SEO Auditing

The performance of the current website, the keywords used, website’s ranking, the technical infrastructure, the off page and on page elements, the conversion rates are examined methodically, and required steps are recommended to improve the organic search results of the website.

On-Page SEO Optimization

We know that optimizing the title tag and the Meta tag becomes important as it lets the search engines know about the content of the website. Appropriate Meta descriptions for different pages are essential as these give a deeper insight into the content of these pages. Link building is not just limited to external links with other websites but internal links for easier navigability and usefulness to the potential customer. Different levels of header tags, apt image names and ALT tags are useful for SEO.

Off-Page Optimization

This strategy aims to accumulate positive reviews, mentions and links to your website. These actions are taken outside the site to impact the visibility in search engines. Building backlinks are the essential element of Off-site optimization. These can be natural links, manual links or self-created links. We provide efficient off-page optimization with our services like social media strategy development and social media advertising management, Linked and unlinked brand mentions, influencer marketing, political and celebrity marketing.

Evaluate Results

A good SEO strategy needs continuous monitoring. We, at Content Holic, use various tools like Google Analytics, SEMRush, Authority labs and many others to analyze the progress and the extent of the difference made by our SEO efforts. Consistent monitoring and improvements are undertaken with the changing trends, competition and technology.

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