A lot has been written about the mobile-first indexing, but apart from the basic aspects of mobile Search Engine Optimization, we will dig into some more technical part of mobile SEO in this blog and learn some basic Mobile SEO Checklist. With a tremendous rise in the mobile users, the demand for mobile responsive designs has become a necessity for every website owner. To implement the best tactics, you can hire the best SEO Services in Delhi so that your website is safe on the mobile SERP. Now take a deeper look at technical aspects that play a major role in the mobile SERP.

Mobile-First Indexing

mobile-first indexing

It simply means that Google will index the mobile version of the website and will create a bottom-line to determine the ranking. If the website doesn’t have a mobile responsive page, then the desktop version will be indexed which might have a negative impact on the site rankings. You must learn how does responsive web design boosts your SEO in order to rank your site.

Impact of mobile-optimization on users

mobile-optimization on usersImage Credit – www.nextflywebdesign.com

Elements like Googlebot play a major role in managing the configuration of websites to improve user experience. So mobile-optimized experience should be done in the following ways:

  • Ensure the Dynamic serving
  • Mobile URLs should be distinctive
  • Responsive designing to your website

On page SEO

On page SEOImage Credit – www.dotcomonly.com

If your website features dynamic serving or distinct mobile URL, then you must check the on-page SEO of your site. On-page SEO can make a huge difference in the SERP performance of your site, so update your On Page SEO Checklist 2108.

Maintain structured data

dataImage Credit – dfwhcfoundation.org

 In addition to the basic mobile SEO elements, structured data should be maintained. Having structured data on desktop pages refer to the rich snippets in Google’s search results pages. But the absence of the structured data to your site will result in the loss of the rich snippets and the advantages of CTR.

Update your Hreflang Tags

Hreflang TagsImage Credit – www.daytranslations.com

If you are targeting your website internationally, use Hreflang tags to show an alternative version of your site to different nations. Google has already indicated that appropriate Hreflang tags must be embedded in your desktop website and mobile website. If your website has distinctive mobile URLs, make sure of your Hreflang tags are on point for the international content.

Use of pagination

use of paginationImage Credit – sitechecker.pro

Sometimes, the website does not paginate its content in the same way for mobile users as it does for the desktop users. The mobile site must be utilized for infinite scrolling, but without any pagination, it shows a limited set of content, instead of using the link to internal pages.

If you practice the ancient pagination, then it is the right-time to do it. Poor pagination indicates that Googlebot cannot see beyond your home page which has paginated content. And when Googlebot can’t see the content, it would not crawl and may drop your site from the index.


So, consider these facts and implement them to your site, if you want to improve your rankings. There are a number of technical things that need to be updated for the mobile SERP survival of your site such as internal link structure, a configuration of the site, quality surfer approach, redirects, crawling rate, robots.txt. Etc. To get SEO Best Practices Checklist, you can ask for professional help. Hire the best SEO Company in Delhi and improve the overall performance of your site.