We have been doing Ghostwriting for quite a few years now and we get a lot of questions about scope of this profession and what one should know before opting this field. Well, with our years of experience in this field, we have listed few of things one should be aware of before becoming an all-time Ghostwriter.

  1. Ghostwriters are not limited to Book WritingImage Credit – culturedvultures.comWhen we listen to the word Ghostwriter, we generally think that this guy does book writing. There is no doubt that book writing has a great potential and many people are looking for such great writers but if we explore the market then we’ll find out that there are a significant amount of doctors, entrepreneurs, consultants and other professionals who are seeking assistance for writing their blogs, articles, white papers, case studies and other documents. Students who apply in foreign institutes, they need beautifully written Statement of Purpose, Letter of Recommendations, Admission Essay etc. and they seek professional writers who can do it for them. In recent years, our ghostwriters in Delhi have helped a number of students and working professional. Thus, scope of a Ghostwriter is not limited to only book writing. You can also read why Ghostwriters can be hired for Ghostwriting to clear this point.
  2. Some Clients know what they want while some are utterly disorganizedImage Credit – wikiHowWe come across many clients who have already created an outline and already done initial research that proves to be helpful in drafting the book. All the information are submitted by him via mail or Google Drives. After that we work on the given information and the idea that he shares with us. The book gets completed within deadline and nothing gets tedious. But, all clients are not this organized and since they are not aware of the process of writing, they do not know what information they should provide and what deliverable they should expect. In this situation, the Ghostwriter has to work harder as he has to do the research, create an outline and get it approved by client. Therefore, one must analyze the amount of work he has to do and send the quotes accordingly. The idea is simple, more work more money.
  3. Referral work can come from other GhostwritersImage Credit – vecteezyEveryone has a limit and one cannot go further that. That being said, Ghostwriters prefer to work on their favorite niches e.g., some loves to write books about finance while some love to explore medical field. When they get some query for a book writing which do not happen to be their field of expertise then they tend to refer it to their colleagues or someone in their network. This happens also in that case when someone is really occupied in a project and he gets a query. Therefore, other Ghostwriters are not your competitors. They will eventually refer you some work.
  4. The Market is not stable and changing constantlyImage Credit – dreamstime.comIn past years, ghostwriters used to get hired by publishing houses for the book writing. The trend has changed in recent years. Clients are not sticking with the big publishing houses for their books anymore. They are searching for the reputed writers having relevant experience in the field. Making a website and optimizing it for search engine visibility is also a good way to have more work. Apart from this, Linkedin profiles too generate some work opportunity.
  5. Contracts will protect both clients as well as the GhostwriterImage Credit – lawnn.comContract between ghostwriter and clients is not made so that client could have his ways. Contract assures client that he would get the deliverable before the end of deadline. So, in a way it does protect the client but it protects the Ghostwriter as well. Once you send the deliverable to the client at the deadline then he is bound to make your payment on urgent basis. The clause can be suggested by both parties and it will be included if both of them agrees.


Ghostwriting has a lot of scope when you want to explore it as career opportunity. We provide Ghostwriting services in Delhi and have successfully written books on different niches. Many people who search for ghostwriting in Delhilands to our site and call us to get their book written.