App store optimization is a technique used for optimizing mobile apps to achieve a higher rank in the app store search results. Because it is similar to SEO for websites in many ways, App store optimization is referred as App store SEO, App search optimization, and Mobile app SEO. Around 2,371 apps are introduced every day, among which Android has 47% and ios has 41%, so chances of getting lost in the sea of competition are obvious. So, the necessity of marketing the apps is becoming imperative with each passing day. And to increase your product’s sales, it is also important to make your website more appealing. Check the SEO Services in Delhi for the best help. Now the question is, How to do app store optimization? Take a look at the listed points to learn more about the mobile app optimization:

  1. Keep a track on your competition

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    By knowing your customer and considering your competition, a good ASO strategy can be executed. While doing this, you need to know about certain things:

    • Good description on the apps.
    • Language used by the customer.
    • Most used keywords.
    • Need for using and downloading the app

    If you work on the targeted keywords, it will make the ASO easier. Also learn for some guideline to make your business’s online reputation in order to make your service popular among general public.

  2. Idea about the customer search:

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    The best App Store Optimization Techniques is to think from your audience’s perspective, like:

    • What do they mostly search for?
    • What are your app’s benefits?
    • Are they going to share it with their friends and family?
  3. Go for a unique name

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    The best way to optimize your app is creating a unique name with keywords in title. There are only 255 characters used in the title of app store. Longer keywords are shortened after 23 characters which mean white space on the play store, so keep your app short and interesting.

  4. Maximize all your keywords:

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    Finding the right keywords for play store and app store are different. Read below:

    For play store

    • Same as Search engine optimization.
    • Keywords can be optimized for 5 times on the product page.
    • Google checks the app description to find the necessary keywords.
    • Any extra information can make the customer go away and also has no effect on ASO.

    For App store:

    • Keywords can be 100 characters long.
    • Use the title and keywords to make your app appear on search.
    • To bring the traffic, keyword research is must.
  5. Create the right description:

    Create the right description

    While making the right meta-description, some points must be kept in mind:

    • The description must be customer-centered.
    • The language which you are going to use must be simple and must state the benefits of downloading it.
  6. Develop a unique icon

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    To make your app accessible to millions, you should work on its icon. Remember that both play store and app store have their own set of standards while selecting color schemes, and geometry of the icons suiting the elements of OS. Follow the guidelines:

    For ios

    • Icons must be of 1024×1024 pixels
    • Apple OS scales down the icon according to their sizes
    • App icon should be (180×180), navigation icons (66×66), and bar icons (75×75)

    For Android

    • Google play needs an icon size of 512×512 pixels
    • Google suggests that the app icons be designed according to their guidelines.
  7. Add screenshots and videos

    Add screenshots and videos

    There is no direct effect on search engines but they do help in increasing the rates of downloading. Following are the ways you can use the screenshots:

    • ios- 5 screenshots, Androids- 8 screenshots
    • The first 2 screenshots are used in the gallery
  8. Localize your application listing

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    The fact that different languages have been spoken throughout the world, the app publisher should adapt their language according to the preference of the audience. By doing this, you can generate 70% more download. Better learn from App Store Optimization Tutorial to have a wider knowledge.

  9. Increase your app traffic

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    High ratings and reviews will give you a positive flow on the search. Rating gives the impression of satisfaction to the customer. You can increase your app traffic by following ways:

    • By using social media, press, online advertising, etc.
    • App indexing
  10. Keep updating your app

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    Customers look for a better user experience and updated apps are most preferred among users and labeled as higher value apps on the app store. Do not forget to update your app description to highlight the newly added features. Maintain good reviews on the app store to increase download.


Spend some time for conceptualizing your app and update it on an average to 30-40 days to make you app stand out from the crowd. Start your ASO strategies as soon as possible to improve its ranking on app store. It is must to create awareness about your product among general public. So, visual appearance must be user-friendly and helpful.