In a world where around 30 million people watch YouTube daily, video marketing has made itself a strong promotional tool. People read less and watch more because of the sole reason that videos are more engaging than written content. Therefore companies are adopting this very approach to promote their content to gain more traffic. For instance, Zomato, the online food giant made its way to people’s hearts with the engaging videos, telling them as to what the company features in.

But what is this buzz all about? Why is video marketing the talk of the town?

Video marketing can take different forms when you’re trying to promote your product by engaging videos. It could be customer testimonials, viral videos, and how-to-videos and so on.

Here are some reasons that make video marketing a top choice for any company, big or small:

  • Video marketing is an essential tool to boost up your SEO rankings.
  • It helps the customers connect to your brand by adding an emotional angle to it.
  • People have smart phones and other gadgets handy which makes videos an easily accessible medium.
  • An effective video can boost the conversion rates to a considerable extent.

With video marketing taking the world of digital marketing by storm, here are some strategies that prove to be quite effective:

  1. Compelling content


YouTube is the platform that is expected to drive 80 percent of the world traffic by the end of 2019. So if you are planning to post videos, you need to do that on a regular basis. But to do that, you need to know and understand your target audience. How will you engage your viewers? What type of content will you have in your videos?

Your content must be of use to the viewers, with a brand promotion at the end of it. Good quality content is what’s going to take you to an overwhelming growth rate. For a professional touch, you can look for the best content marketing services in India.


  1. Content optimization


Not only is the creation of good quality content necessary, but optimizing it is also of utmost importance. To show your content to the relevant users, which form your target audience, optimization is a necessary practice. So while you upload your video, add the relevant tags that will direct the video to the people who search for such type of content. Identify the keywords that are the most searched, and then tag those to your video. Doing so will take your video to the top of the search results, thus boosting your SEO ranking.


  1. Video thumbnail optimization


Video thumbnails are often taken too lightly, but in reality, they are a compelling tool. Dressing your video with the appropriate thumbnail is hence necessary. Look for the thumbnail that compels the user to play the video. This strategy is not known to a lot of the marketers but is highly effective, as it tells the viewers that the video is of use to them.


  1. Adding the share button


In the content of video marketing, the share button plays a vital role. Social media is a powerful platform that enables users to share videos and subscribe to them. So when you upload your video, make sure that the option to share it is available. It will help you to have more visitors and hence increase traffic to your site. The more shares you have, the more publicity will come your way.


  1. Additional exposure


In order to gain audiences from all over the internet, it is imperative that you explore the other platforms as well. Vimeo, break and daily motion are some of the platforms that can get you additional views, and hence better publicity. This is one of the most effective digital marketing strategies that you can adopt.


  1. A strong Call To Action


Call to action is something that is of prime importance in the context of video marketing. Having a strong CTA is a way to direct the users to the landing page or to the next video that you have posted. Make sure you have a compelling CTA at the end of the video so that the user is able to engage with your brand in a better manner.


In addition to all the recent trends mentioned above, there is one more trend that is soon to take charge over the concept of video marketing. That trend is Virtual reality. Though a lot of people haven’t yet used VR as a video marketing tool, this trend is quite promising. These trends when applied timely can boost up your rankings to a considerable extent. If you need a professional hand, then you can pick from the Best video marketing companies in India.