Have you ever wondered how SEO works? How do you generate traffic to your site? While SEO gives you the result, backlinks act as the path to achieve that very result.

Any holistic SEO strategy requires effective link building so that the traffic gets directed towards the site in an efficient manner. Link building is a crucial part of a growth strategy of any website. It is therefore important that you know how to build backlinks to generate traffic and hence increase those conversion rates.

Organic Search Engine Optimization includes the addition of backlinks, which generates traffic to your site, thereby enhancing your customer base. So here are some of the most effective strategies that you must keep in mind while building backlinks:

Know your audience

When you are moving towards implementing a useful link building strategy, it is important that you first analyze your audiences. When you know what your target audience looks like, you can build an effective link building strategy that gets you the maximum traffic.

You can conduct a survey, get insights from Facebook, use Google analytics, and even track comments that help you understand your audience. If you build a strategy on a random basis, without analyzing your potential audiences, it is highly likely that your site will be at the bottom of the rankings within no time. To make people react to whatever you are posting, you must know your audience first and then act accordingly.

Jot down appealing websites

Now that you know your desired audience, it is time to make use of the most appealing websites to get the attention of the audience. The links from these websites will help you reach out to your new audiences, thus strengthening your customer base. Make these websites a part of your website SEO marketing and you will realize what wonders it can do.

Write quality content

In a world where content is king, it is absolutely crucial that you write content that is of use to your audiences. An interesting, topical, entertaining piece of writing is what makes content shareable. All websites write content that might appeal to the audiences. To make yours stand out, Make sure that your content is authentic, informative and appealing. There are a lot of content marketing strategies that you can look upon to up the level of your content and thus enjoy high traffic on your site. If you think you need an expert hand at this, look for the best content writing services in Delhi.

Link your content to websites

Now that you have written a well-structured, appealing and informative blog post, it is time that you go back to the list of websites that you created. Read your blog post and look for the websites that match the topicality of your post. If you think that the two match, do not hesitate and link your content to the website that fits best.

You can also adopt the long tail keyword approach, but then the number of websites that you can find to link will be small. So if you want more and more people to know about your website and be interested in reading and sharing its content, aggressively search for websites and link them to your content. This will not only get you more direct traffic to your site but will also increase your chances of conversions.

Reach out personally

When you have a strong piece of content about a product or service that needs to be promoted, you need to ask people to write about it and give their feedback. In order to do so, one of the most effective channels that you can make use of is emails. To make sure that your emails convert, take help from the professional SEO services in Delhi.

Make use of social media

In the era of digitization, social media has come out to be one of the most effective platforms to reach out to people. So when you have a website that needs attention, social media is all you need to focus upon. Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are the best platforms that you can utilize and promote and share your content efficiently. Not only will this gain your site considerable attention, but will also get you more and more conversions.


In order to direct traffic to a site, link building is highly important. When you have the right set of strategies to make that happen, your website is sure to reach the top of the SERPs within no time. So make optimum use of the strategies at hand and thank us later!