Visual content marketing can be referred to as the use of images to communicate a message about your brand. These images include photographs, Infographics, slides, logos, screenshots, comics, graphics, memes, and diagrams. These can also be “moving images,” such as videos, Slide Shares, and presentations.

Thanks to the technological advancements, a substantial amount of visual content is being created and consumed daily. In fact, one effectively created image can convey a lot more about a brand than loads of text. According to studies, 90% of the information transferred to the brain is visual, and visuals are much faster to process for the brain than the text content. With the attention spans getting shorter and shorter, and increase in information overload nothing grabs the attention of the user faster than an image.

Marketers agree that visuals are crucial to the success of social media marketing today. Studies suggest that almost 75% of the marketers are already using visual content in their social media marketing efforts.

Key points to focus on while creating compelling visual content are:


Be consistent in producing and distributing content across various platforms to get noticed, recognized, and remembered. Businesses are hiring in-house photographers to ensure that the brand gets a consistent look and feel for its visual content across different platforms.

User-Generated Content

This can be done in multiple ways like re-posting on your own media channels or combining various user submissions to create presentations or slideshows. User pictures taken in promotional events or trade fairs can result in high engagement from the followers and encourage others also.


Share personal images of your staff, your team and yourself in your natural environment. Post images that show your work culture and team interactions. Make videos tours of your site, events and customer engagement. Videos are a great way to get natural and in the moment pictures. This adds a more human element to your brand and reflects your exciting work culture. Followers and fans feel closer and result in high engagement.

Visual Narrative

Storytelling is a great way to connect with the audience. A strong visual narrative can create a powerful emotional reaction and binds the visitor. This works better than the other forms of advertising and results in higher conversion rates.

Create Original Content

Most of the content used on the internet is the reused content. Creating original visual content is a great way to differentiate yourself from others. It increases your credibility and establishes your brand in your industry.

Use Stock Images

It is not necessary and advisable to create all the visual content in-house. Make use of the high-quality stock pictures available. Though a few points need to be considered like the pictures should be relevant with the content on page and audience should be able to relate to it. The images can be modified and cropped as per the requirement.


Create attractive images of inspirational quotes that strike an emotional chord with the users. Memes can connect with the audience through entertainment. Screenshots act as a reliable source of visual content. Instructions on simple tasks can be provided with a series of images.


Visual Content Marketing is quite beneficial in converting Potential Customers into real customers. Hence, you must incorporate Visual Content in your Content Marketing Strategy.