Have you ever heard of services where you have to convey your ideas, and the writer will express them in words? If not, then this blog is for you. Ghost writing services is one way where you can achieve your lifelong dream of publishing of your book under your name. In many cases, one person has a vision or a fictional story or may be a real life story that you want to share with the world but unfortunately, don’t have the proper tools or knowledge to achieve your ideas on paper. One can say, it easy to develop an idea and give it a rough structure but forming a narrative out of that simple idea and putting together a book is no mean task.

So now the question arises how all this work? In simple words, you hire a ghost writer; tell your vision or your choice of the subject which will then formulate into a book. The deal here is that the writer won’t get any credit for whatever he/she has produced. The basic rule of ghostwriting is the allowing the clients to have the credit ability of the author. Usually, the writer and the client sign a confidentiality contract according to their terms and conditions which make these services a legit procedure. It has become a section of content writing in Delhi, Mumbai and all these cities and becoming really popular.  There can be various types of ghost writing according to needs and demands. Here we have divided the types of ghostwriting into three major types which are as follows:

  • Their ideas, your words: The hired writers will suggest you some ideas of your given specificity, and then you can provide your lead words that the writer needs to follow.
  • Your ideas and words: You provide your vision and ideas and tell the writers you want the particular tone of the language and style in the final product.
  • Their ideas and words: You can leave it to the writer and go with his/ her ideas and words. Of course, along with the procedure, you can give your little inputs.

However, there is a misconception that puts ghost writing in the negative light. It questions the ethics of creative writing and the way it can be misused. But we cannot deny the right intention of ghost writing that allows the people to express their ideas and share it with the world. You hire an expert to iron out the rough draft of your imagination and give it a professional touch which helps to reach to the public in a better way. Ghostwriting that may come under the broad term of content writing in India is evolving and becoming popular.