The SOP is the first and foremost document that is required to apply for admission in foreign universities, predominantly because it separates you from other students with similar academic qualifications and aspirations. It is your one opportunity to demonstrate your worth and secure your confirmations; so, the better your SOP, the more your odds of your application being successful. A triumphant Statement of purpose likewise makes the way for incredible grant and teaching/research assistantship openings.

Your Statement of Purpose (SOP) is the thing that separates you from different applications. You can consider it as an introduction to your objectives and capacities that you need to showcase in your candidature when applying to an institution.

For a successful kick-start on writing a perfect SOP, you should remember the essential don’ts to compose an excellent SOP, with the goal that you are not simply another face in the group. However, you can take assistance from companies providing SOP writing Services in Delhi to secure your seat. SOP Charges in India is quite reasonable which one can consider. Although, you have decided to write it by yourself then you must avoid the below listed Common SOP mistakes.

  1. Don’t write a generic SOP: Do not compose a generic SOP for different applications. You will presumably be applying to several programs and different universities, and, significantly, each personal statement of purpose that you send reflects that you have gotten your work done and comprehends what the program has to bring to the table. Even though there will be a lot of overlap regarding the content of the Statement of purpose you send to various projects, the point here is that you ought not just to send a similar SOP to each program.
  2. Don’t mention obvious considerations: You should be extremely careful in editing and altering what you compose. The members of the admission committee who are taking a gander at your application will be keen to know about your writing and drafting abilities. Indeed, even only a couple of grammatical blunders, spelling mistakes, or inadequately phrased sentences can have an awful effect. Write briefly, and if there is a word limit, be certain not to go past it. There are various reasons why a statement of purpose can establish a bad impression, however, as a rule, a personal statement that establishes a decent impression will have at least three key features such as selectivity, originality, and clarity.
  3. Don’t excessively exceed the length of SOP: Many programs specify a cutoff for writing the Statement of purpose, which ordinarily is for two or three pages. Yet, regardless of whether a definite word limit is not indicated, it is fundamental that your Statement of Purpose doesn’t ramble about irrelevant things. A couple of short sections covering one-and-a-half to two pages is quite often enough, except if the directions in your application indicate that you have to give specific details that require more space than this. Feature a few or perhaps some significant points and keep it at that. Before you begin composing, plan the request wherein you need to come to your meaningful conclusions.


It is extremely important to understand what are the common SOP mistakes and avoid them while drafting an SOP. Our SOP writers in Delhi are quite experienced and they have written SOPs for the universities of almost all the countries. Therefore, if you are having second thoughts about writing SOP writing by yourself, connect with us.