Canada is one of the top education-oriented country and because the immigration policy of this country is quite lenient when compared to the other countries in the world, lakhs of students go there and study in the most prestigious and well-reputed universities of Canada. Studying in Canada is of utmost importance as it provides academic excellence, ample research opportunities, it is affordable i.e. falls in budget, has cultural diversity, it is safe and peaceful, you can earn while you learn, has vibrant and lively campus life, and gives the immigration opportunities to the students.

While pursuing their degree, students get too many assignments to complete within the provided time frame. One of these many assignments is the dissertation which students need to submit in their final year in order to get their masters or PhD degree. We all know that writing a postgraduate or a full dissertation is not an easy task and every student requires a proper level of assistance while pursuing their higher studies.

To a greater extent it has been discovered that the dissertation of Canada follows a different format and structure. The guidelines provided by the professors of different universities and colleges of Canada fluctuates and go up and down, as a consequence it becomes necessary to provide a conventional and appropriate level of assistance to these students. Hence, these students are advised to take the assistance and guidance from the best Dissertation writing services, who will help them in writing an acceptable dissertation and they will be able to get their degree much sooner than they expected.

What is a Dissertation?

A Dissertation is a long academic component of writing which is based on the student’s extensive independent and self-supportive research. It is customarily submitted in the final year of UG, PG or PhD and is completely research-oriented as it requires a lot of research and written documentation and approval which generally takes 1 to 2 years to complete the dissertation. The supreme objective of this is to test a student’s research skills. Normally, the dissertation allows students to showcase and present their findings, concerning the topic or the question they choose themselves. The main aim of the project is to examine the unconventional research skills students have obtained during their time at the Canadian university, with the evaluation used to help determine their final grade.

Types of Dissertation

There are generally two types of dissertations which will completely differ depending on the course you are pursuing. These two types are mentioned below:

  • Empirical Dissertation: The Empirical Dissertations are the dissertations which involves collecting data. This dissertation in natural and life science subjects may involve or be entirely based on laboratory work. It mainly focuses on collecting original data by taking help from appropriate methods of research like experiments, observations, surveys and interviews.
  • Non-Empirical Dissertation: The Non-Empirical Dissertations are the dissertations which are based on the keep going and surviving data and the arguments in the work of others. You have to read a lot of books here as it mainly involves others theories which you need to critically analyse in your own words. It mainly focuses on analysing sources by taking help of appropriate research methods like novels, artworks, historical documents, etc.

Skills Needed While Working on Dissertations

It doesn’t matter what topic you choose or what dissertation you are writing, but here are some skills that you need to display while working on Dissertations.

  • Describing and Tracing a research sphere with an understandable and explicit question.
  • Recognizing the major issue.
  • Referencing the applicable information.
  • Evaluating its dependability and legitimacy.
  • Assessing the authentication on all sides of a debate.
  • Approaching to logical and practical conclusion.
  • Categorizing and presenting the consequences of your work critically, decisively and emphatically, following all the guidelines and the format of writing and drafting an essay.

What is the Word Limit for the Dissertation and How Long Can it be?

There is usually no word limit for writing a dissertation as it varies from university to university in Canada but keeping it between 10,000 to 12,000 words is advised at the undergraduate level, and at the post-graduate level, it is advised to keep between 15,000 to 25,000 words and up to 50,000 or more at the PhD level by most of the professors in the Canadian universities.

Vivas or the Oral Examinations

For some advanced degrees especially PhD, students may need to attend the oral examinations which is known as Viva in many countries. In Canada itself, it varies from university to university and professor to professor, whether they want to conduct this oral examination or not. The viva generally starts with your presentation of your work in front of two to three professors and then it follows with the questioning and answering phase which can last up to one to two hours.

 How to Write a Dissertation?

Writing a dissertation at the master’s or the PhD level is difficult and challenging because many students may not be able to handle the concepts, format and the structure that must be significantly followed while writing the dissertation. Additionally, students should have an appropriate knowledge base of the correct bibliographies, appendices and footnotes. Above everything is the time management as every step requires a significant work and every work requires a significant time and following this will help you in completing your dissertation within the stipulated time.

But for innumerable students it naturally becomes quite difficult to complete their dissertation within the provided time as living in Canada and studying in the Canadian university is not an easy task as many uncertainties people may go through and with the exception of this, you may have any other assignments provided to you by other professors, due to which you are not able to focus on this chief and prominent one. Therefore, these students are advised to take help from the best dissertation writers, who are well aware of all the steps required to draft and write the best and approval-worthy dissertation for the students studying in the Canada.

How Our Assistance Will Help You?

Writing the dissertation is not an easy task as it is a long and extremely lengthy segment of your academic writing that will help you in getting your degree. In Canada, the supreme and an utmost importance is given to the quality of the dissertations i.e. your dissertation has to be unique and authentic. Many students often make the blunder of copy pasting their assignments due to which it loses its credibility and is rejected by the university as a consequence, the student is not able to get their degree. Numerous students are not able to do a fine research or are not able to catch the perfect format of writing their dissertations or many students are not blessed with the good writing skills often ends up submitting a lousy or a shoddy written dissertation which becomes the reason of their rejection and they are not able to get their degree. Consequently, taking your concern into consideration, we at Contentholic provide unmatched assignment writing services to the students, with an emphasis on quality. Our experienced writers know the importance of dissertations and work according to the requirements of the students.

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