Many universities in Germany are among the best universities in the world and have the good rank as per the QS World Ranking. They provide a good education worldwide and students value them because of the quality of education they provide. Lakhs of international students are attracted towards Germany and wants to go and study in the German Universities because of the exposure it provides, has a model of academic excellence, is an affordable country and is a cultural hub. Germany’s reputation as an international study destination keeps on increasing due to its top Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes, scholarships and employment opportunities, etc it provides.

Students need to submit their assignments while pursuing their degree. But the most important and the prominent one is the dissertation. The guidelines provided by the professors of different universities of Germany fluctuates, as a consequence it becomes obligatory to provide a favourable assistance to these students. Hence, these students are advised to take the assistance and guidance from the best Dissertation writing services, who will help them in writing an acceptable dissertation and they will be able to get their degree much sooner than they have expected. Read the article throughout in order to grasp everything you need to know about it.

What is Dissertation?

Dissertation is a long segment of academic writing which is completely based on student’s extensive and thorough research. Students have to search from the scratch and work on it after deciding the topic which suits them perfectly. It is usually submitted in the final year of UG, PG and the PhD level. Only because of this, you will be able to get your degree. Hence, it is mandatory to make it approval-worthy and acceptable which will grant you the degree. It requires a lot of extensive and deep research which nearly takes 1 to 2 years to get completed. The chief aim of the project is to inspect the unconventional research skills students have attained during their time at the German university, with the estimation used to help ascertain their final grade.

Classification of Dissertation

Depending upon the course you are pursuing, the dissertation is classified into two types as mentioned below:

  • The Empirical Dissertation: The Empirical Dissertation is the dissertation which is completely based on student’s extensive research and involves collecting data. This dissertation usually involves subjects like natural and life sciences or it can be entirely based on laboratory work. It normally focuses upon the observations, interviews and surveys.
  • The Non-Empirical Dissertation: The Non-Empirical Dissertations are the dissertations which are based on the existing and surviving data and other’s arguments. One must read plenty of books here as it highly involves others theories which you need to critically analyse in your own words. It normally focuses on analysing sources by taking help of suitable research methods like novels, artworks, historical documents, etc.

Differences Between Dissertation and Thesis

  • Range of Research: A dissertation develops original and unique concept in a particular field of research while a thesis is usually a culmination of an existing research.
  • Aims or Goals: Writing a dissertation is to add a new finding to the existing literature in that field with the earliest research whereas the thesis bend to evaluate original findings as their aim is to reveal or display the knowledge and skills within the course subject matter.
  • How Long It Takes to Complete: Dissertation is generally a longer sphere of academic writing hence it takes nearly 1 to 2 years to get completed whereas thesis is typically shorter than the dissertations since there are fewer original research aspects involved. Nevertheless, it depends on the university and the course you are pursuing.
  • Presentation: Usually, there are oral examinations known as Viva in the dissertations as the findings are demonstrated to the academics who then ask many questions regarding the research whereas thesis does not require this.

Similarities Between Dissertation and Thesis

  • Long Essays: Both are usually long essays where long segment of academic writing is displayed.
  • Inspect the topic in depth: Normally, both examine the topics in depth. Whether you are working on new research or findings or on the existing ones, you need to do extensive and deep research.
  • Required to Receive the Degree: Both are considered as the final year assignments and are mandatory to submit in order to get the degree.
  • Excellent Academic Writing Skills: Both dissertations and the thesis, are highly required an excellent academic writing skill in order to complete the assignment.

Skills Required While Working for the Dissertations

It doesn’t matter what course you are pursuing or on what topic you are writing your assignment and preparing your dissertation, but in order to present your dissertation, you need to exhibit some skills mentioned below:

  • Expressing and discovering a research segment with an understandable and straightforward question.
  • Recognizing the chief issue.
  • Specifying the pertinent information.
  • Examining its reliability and legitimacy.
  • Excellent Academic Writing skills.
  • Estimate the identification on all sides of a debate.
  • Approaching to objective and practical conclusion.
  • Classifying and presenting the outcomes of your work critically, decisively and distinctly, following all the guidelines and the format of writing and drafting an essay.

Word limit Required While Writing the Dissertations

There is conventionally no word limit in writing the dissertations as it varies from university to university in Germany. Still there are some limits that one should adhere while writing their dissertations. These are mentioned below:

  • For Undergraduate Dissertations: The undergraduate students must keep their word limit for their dissertations between 10,000 to 12,000 words.
  • For Post-Graduate Dissertations: The post-graduate students must keep their word limit for their dissertations between 15,000 to 25,000 words.
  • For PhD Dissertations: The PhD students must keep their word limit for their dissertations up to 50,000 words.

How to Write a Dissertation?

Writing a dissertation is quite difficult and a challenging task because many students may not be able to handle the concepts, format and the pattern that must be remarkably followed while writing the dissertation. In addition to this, students should have a suitable understanding of the correct bibliographies, acknowledgements, appendices and footnotes. Before anything else is the time management as every step requires a consequential work and every work requires a consequential time and accompanying this will help you in completing your dissertation within the stipulated time.

A lot of students face problem while working on their dissertations as it is clearly very difficult to complete the dissertation on-time. Living in Germany and studying in the well-reputed and prestigious German universities, alone offers many complications that students face. And if these students are struggling or are tired of searching for their topic and still not able to catch the perfect details to put in their assignment, then these students are advised to seek help and guidance from the best Dissertation writers, who are well aware of all the steps required to construct and write the perfect and approval-worthy dissertation for the students studying in the Germany.

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