Studying in UK i.e. United Kingdom is of utmost importance as it will provide you the best academic excellence as, it has shorter duration of courses, it owns reasonable cost of education and scholarships, it has easy student visa application process, it offers opportunities to work while studying, post study work options are also available here, it provides towering exposure to diverse cultures and most importantly, UK is considered as the gateway to explore Europe. Due to its varied accomplishments and the quality of education this country provides, lakhs of students goes to UK for their study purposes.

While pursuing your Master’s degree, the dissertation plays the decisive and the pivotal role for the grades that you procure. As a matter of fact, if you are not able to submit a good-enough and acceptable dissertation, with all the chapters placed altogether and drafted in the correct format, you will not be able to get your degree. Hence, in order to write a well and up-to-the-mark dissertation, you can contact the best Dissertation writing services, in order to write a satisfactory and acceptable Dissertation as demanded by any of the UK Universities. Read it throughout to grasp everything all that you need to know about it.

What is Dissertation?

A Dissertation is a long academic segment of writing which is based on the student’s extensive unconventional and self-reliant research. It is habitually submitted in the final year of UG, PG or PhD and is completely research-oriented as it requires a lot of research and written documentation and substantiation which generally takes 1 to 2 years to complete the dissertation. The foremost objective of this is to test a student’s research skills. This allows students to develop their research, problem-solving, numerical and project management efficiency. Basically, there are two types of dissertation, which completely depends on the field of your study. The first one is empirical research which mainly focuses on collecting original data by taking help of appropriate methods of research like experiments, observations, surveys and interviews. The second one is non-empirical research which mainly focuses on analysing sources by taking help of appropriate research methods like novels, artworks, historical documents, etc.

Difference Between a Dissertation and a Thesis

The foremost difference between a dissertation and a thesis is the range of the research.

  • A dissertation develops unique and authentic hypothesis in a particular field of research, whereas a thesis is usually a climax of existing research.

The main difference between the aims or the goals of a dissertation and the thesis.

  • Writing a dissertation is to add new discovery to the ongoing literature in that field with primordial research. Whereas thesis lean to estimate existing findings, as their purpose is to exhibit knowledge and skills within the course’s subject matter.

The chief difference in the terms of how long it takes to complete a thesis and a dissertation project:

  • A thesis is typically shorter than a dissertation since there are fewer original research aspects involved. This means that it will probably take less time. However, this can differ depending on the university and the course.

The major difference between the dissertation and the thesis is its presentation.

  • Many times, it becomes necessary to take an oral presentation, known as a viva, in the case of dissertation where findings are showcased to academics who ask questions about the research. Thesis usually do not require this.

Similarities Between a Dissertation and the Thesis

Apart from the many differences that we discussed earlier, there are many similarities between the two (the dissertation and the thesis)

  • Both are typically a long essay i.e. both are long pieces of academic writing.
  • Both inspect the topic in depth i.e. whether you are constructing your work on the new research or are working on the existing research.
  • Both are considered as the final project and is usually required for receiving the degree i.e. masters or the PhD. Instead of this, students can still complete their graduation without completing the thesis or a dissertation if they have applied for the post-graduation diploma or the post-graduation certificate.
  • Excellent academic writing skills are majorly and significantly important in order to write a dissertation or a thesis.

How the UK Dissertation is Different from the USA?

  • In the UK, you compile a Dissertation at the termination of your bachelor’s or master’s degree, whereas you compile a thesis in order to complete a PhD.
  • In the US, it’s the opposite way that means, you have to compile a thesis at the termination of your bachelor’s or master’s degree, whereas you compile a dissertation in order to complete a PhD.

Steps to Write a Dissertation for UK

Taken in the final year, Dissertation plays the major role in providing your degree. It is the most crucial part of the assignment in the student life. Taking this concern into consideration, we have mentioned few steps which one should follow in order to complete their dissertation perfectly and within the given time frame.

Generally, a dissertation will have five chapters:

  1. A brief summary of the whole background of your study or research.
  2. An extensive literature review supporting your research.
  3. A discussion of your choice of research.
  4. Analysis of the original data and research.
  5. Final interpretation and evaluation of your results.

But still, the question comes up, how to move further?

To move further, you need to keep the below mentioned points in your mind:

  • Project Ideation
  • Project Development
  • Project Implementation
  • Project Conclusion
  • University Approvals

One above all is the time management as every step requires a considerable work and every work requires a considerable time and following this will help in completing your dissertation within the stipulated time. By following these points will surely help you in drafting and framing your dissertation in the minimum time possible.

But for many students it seems quite difficult to complete their dissertation within the provided time as living abroad and studying in the foreign university is not an easy task as many ups and downs people may go through and apart from this, you may have any other assignments assigned to you, due to which you are not able to focus on this main one. Hence, these students are advised to take help from the best dissertation writers, who are well aware of all the steps required to frame and construct the best and approval-worthy dissertation for the students studying in the UK.

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