Many Indian students take study breaks to take advanced courses, intern, volunteer, or sit for competitive exams after completing their undergraduate or postgraduate studies. Students planning to study in Canada frequently wonder how they will pay for the gap in their Canada study visa. Your study gap could be due to a variety of legitimate reasons, and you must offer your visa officer accurate information and supporting documentation.

It is also possible to take a study break for medical or family reasons. They often find themselves in a stressful and difficult situation when attempting to explain their study gap. It’s good news for students who want to study in Canada. There is a solution to “how to cover a gap on a Canada study visa.”

Can you study in Canada if you have a gap in your studies?

Yes, it is possible for international students with study gaps to study in Canada under the Canadian education system. It will, however, be more difficult for students from such backgrounds to gain admission to Canadian universities. There must also be additional documents submitted, along with a justifiable explanation for the study gap.

How Much of a Study Gap Is Acceptable in Canada?

Students who have a study gap of up to five years are permitted to study in Canada. Furthermore, students with a study gap of more than five years may be eligible for a Student Visa in Canada if they can provide a genuine and honest reason for the gap. The length of the allowed gap is largely determined by the level of your degree or study program. For example, Canada enables a study gap of up to two years for undergraduate and diploma program applicants, and a study gap of up to five years for post-graduate program applicants.

In the following ways, Canadian education accepts study gaps:

  • In order to get into their preferred college or course in the future, students frequently reappear for exams in order to improve their scores. Thus, students may be required to engage in rigorous studies, but they may also be allowed to take breaks.
  • Family Issues- Serious family issues can interfere with a student’s regular studies. As a result, provide your visa officer with a comprehensive and honest explanation of the situation.
  • Health Concerns- Unexpected health issues can frequently interrupt the string of continuous studies, resulting in a study gap. We recommend that you provide your visa officer with the medical certificate, reports, and any other details for the treatment you have received to explain your medical condition or any health concerns you may have.
  • Work/Internships- Your gap is appreciated now if you chose to work after completing your studies to gain more experience or support your family financially. You can explain the discrepancy with an offer letter, experience letter, and pay stubs from any work or internship you have done.
  • Competitive exams- Indian students frequently miss school to attempt government competitive exams.

What exactly is SOP?

Students write an SOP to highlight their academic and professional achievements, reasons for choosing a specific program, and career goals that led them to seek admission to the university. An SOP for Canada Visa will help the admissions committee assess your goals, expectations, subject knowledge, and future vision. It explains why they should choose you over other applicants to study in Canada.

SOP Format for Canadian Student Visa

A perfect SOP for Canada Student Visa with a gap contains all of the crucial details that can represent applicants’ personalities and answer admissions officers’ questions. Technically, visa officers do not contact each applicant to learn about their plans. Even an exceptional SOP has the potential to be cancelled. As a result, you must highlight the following points in your SOP for Canada.

  • Give a detailed explanation of why you chose Canada as your preferred study destination.
  • You must connect your needs to how this course will help you improve your knowledge and build a long-term career.
  • You must explain why you selected a specific one for your studies. Ratings, advanced infrastructure, tuition fees, the recruitment process, and other features can be included.
  • After finishing your studies, you must notify the admissions officers of your plans.

Sample for SOP For Canada Student Visa with a Gap

The Visa Officer

The High Commission of Canada

Sub: Application requesting a study permit

Respected Sir/ Madam,

The hotel and restaurant industries are among the fastest growing in the modern world. What distinguishes this trade from others is primarily its cultural aspects. Given that food is a basic necessity for life and is present in every part of the world, it opens up an intriguing range of possibilities. I want to advance my career in management after bolstering my education with professional experience at a luxury hotel. I am confident that the MS in Hotel Management from your prestigious academy will assist me in achieving this goal.

During one of my summer vacations, I went on a staycation in Mussorie, where I spent some time at his hotel. I remember being wide-eyed for the entire time I was there. I was astounded to see how managers handled every department of the hotel efficiently and professionally managed both their employees and customers. Since then, I’ve been intrigued by the machinery that powers the hotel industry.

Following my interest in this field, I chose to pursue a BSc. in Hotel Management and Catering Science from ______. (University name). I owe it to my university for thoroughly fostering my career interests and providing me with comprehensive knowledge and skills in the food, hotel, and hospitality industries. Training programs, academic projects, and internships honed my practical skills and acquainted me with the various key areas of this particular field. I improved my interpersonal and communication skills by actively taking part in various cultural events and sports.

After finishing my studies, I decided to pursue a job. At this point in my career, I was given the opportunity to work as a Hotel Manager at______Spending time in hotel operations, in various areas, had provided me with invaluable on-the-ground management experience. I learnt that hotel operations are a vibrant type of work, with many hands-on projects and people interaction. I was taught to adapt to any situation or problem that arose, which enabled me to give my all while remaining calm in high-pressure situations.

It has been more than a decade since Canada has been the most sought-after academic destination. Due to its academic programs that align with most modern industries, it enjoys renown. The country provides the same level of education as the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia, but at a lower cost. Canada has a multicultural academic environment, and I believe that the opportunity to interact with students from different cultures and backgrounds will significantly broaden my perspectives.

Following a thorough examination of university websites and reviews, as well as inquiries in online forums, I discovered the (university name). I was immediately captivated by the college’s reputation and features. Your academy employs experiential teaching methods that include participatory learning activities such as case studies, seminars, and business simulations, which I discovered. I am confident that this is the best way to instill important managerial characteristics such as organisational skills, communication skills, policymaking capacity, problem-solving ability,  leadership, and a flair for conflict resolution. This holistic learning environment will effectively instill the necessary skills and knowledge in me.

I am well aware that higher education in Canada is an expensive endeavour, and I have made the necessary preparations to meet these challenges. I have enough funds from my earnings to pay for the course without incurring any fees. To provide evidence of my financial capability, I have submitted all relevant documents with the application.

A few years in the future, I see myself working as a _____ in a five-star hotel. I am confident that this course will help me transition to such roles, and I am excited about the opportunity to join your esteemed university.


Therefore, if you have any gap in study and want to get your Canada Study Visa approved, you need to justify your gaps in the Visa Statement of Purpose. Make sure you give your best shot if you plan to study in Canada and want to submit an excellent SOP, as it is your only chance to impress the Visa SOP. We, at Contentholic have a vision of helping students from India in getting the best education that they get in abroad. We provide SOP writing services in Delhi for all students who have dream to study in abroad. You can hire our Professional SOP writers in Delhi for excellent SOP.