Canada has always opened doors for international students to its universities and colleges. In the present times, Canada has carved out its place on the map as one of the most chosen destinations for international students. Undoubtedly, with multicultural cities, top universities, and incredible natural landscapes, this country is an excellent place to call home and propel your career. However, studying in any country other than your home country is not a cakewalk. Months of planning and strategizing are required to fulfil the requirements of the country you are planning to study in.

An SOP for Canada Student Visa plays an integral role in the process of admission in an international country. Since this document contains all the important details regarding your previous, current and future endeavours, it should ensure the following points to increase the chances of your visa approval chances.

  • Convince the Visa officer that you will depart from Canada after the completion of your course.
  • Prove that you are financially stable to sustain yourself and your family in Canada and return home.
  • You are not planning to work or remain in Canada unless approved to do so.
  • You do not have a criminal record and are law-abiding.
  • You are not a threat to Canada and its citizens.
  • You are ready to provide any additional document requested by the Officer to approve your candidature.
  • Be in good health and have no health related issues.

Besides being the top destination for international students, Canada also makes a point of ensuring that student’s planning to study overseas puts forward convincing reasons about their return to their home countries after the completion of their studies. This specific section of the SOP for Canada Visa plays a significant role in your selection. Read further to know how you can prove that you will leave Canada after your studies.

Here are a few points that you should keep in mind to prove you will leave Canada after your studies:

  • In this section of your visa application for Canada as a student, put forward convincing documents to answer questions like: “What are the possible reasons for returning to your home country after your studies?” Realize, however, that the Visa officer of Canada only forwards your application if they are fully convinced and satisfied with the student’s reasons for angling for a way to return to their home country just after completing their required studies.
  • Gather all the factual details that are concerned with your family, home, and employment. These reasons qualify as the best sources of proof that you will return home when your studies are completed. You must be able to put forward your strong intention of returning home. And have no plans of residing abroad by mentioning close ties with your family, or any assets that you own. Perhaps owning a house or apartment, financial prospects that you or will inherit, investments, etc will help. These reasons must be stronger than the reasons for remaining in Canada. They should clearly convey that you intend to depart the country at the conclusion of your studies.

Examples of social ties may include: Family members who depend on you for financial and emotional support.  Prove that you will fly back home to fulfil your obligations pertaining to community, family etc.

Examples of economic ties can include: Proof of any kind of immovable assets or business enterprise ownership, any kind of financial investments, bank statements, a letter of employment etc.

Sample of Writing Convincing Reasons for returning to your home country

Follow the below examples to state your reasons for returning to your home country:

Future Goals

“By pursuing a master’s program in (Course Name) from (University Name), I aspire to acquire a strong foothold in this field and aim to carry out my interest for the benefit of the community. As I go through the course, I want to apply all the required skills, techniques, business concepts, and models for both quantitative and qualitative analysis and critically evaluate theories of business statements and related analysis. Eventually, I plan to get in-depth knowledge of the operations and activities of business markets and synthesize their concepts and analytical methods in a variety of applications for effective portfolio management and business planning. Being a rapidly growing country, India has emerged as an excellent destination for international investors. As a result, there are many profitable prospects in my country. Because of the great potential of this sector in India, I plan to return to my home country after completing my course.

Having an internationally recognized degree would benefit me in the professional endeavours that I aspire to achieve in my home country. Upon returning to India, I would like to associate myself with renowned organizations like HCL Technologies, Infosys, Tata Consultancy Services, Reliance Industries, etc. I see myself working in positions like Business Manager and Business Analyst in the long term. I wish to develop a deeper understanding of Business in an International context, learn about business practices in different countries, and share the pool of resources within my own country.”

Family Ties

Since my birth, I have been closely associated with my home country i.e India, I have strong ties with my family, thus, it’s important for me to return back to this country. My parents would be eagerly waiting for my return hence I cannot imagine staying away from my family for a long period. Consequently, I am eager to return to India and join all of my extended family and my parents.”


While stating the reason for your return, your main purpose should solely focus on your studies rather than the chance to work or live there before or after graduation. However, there are chances that many students opt for opportunities to work on- or off-campus during their studies. Make sure you do not write about staying or employing in Canada and clearly convey your plan to return home at the end of your program. Students can do this by providing proof of strong economic and social ties to their home country.

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