Planning to study in Canada? If yes, then apart from your regular mandatory documents, you also need a study plan. A study plan is a draft that allows you to write a brief overview of choosing Canada for your further studies. Not just that, it should also mention how your chosen course and country align with your future goals.

No different than an SOP, a study plan for Canada should be on point, clear, and concise. Most importantly, it should represent how pursuing your chosen course from Canada would be the perfect fit to achieve your short-term and long-term career objectives.

Important Tips To Be Considered Before Writing A Study Plan

  • Do not make it lengthy. It should be maxed 1 page- Adding unnecessary information might look like fillers in the documents. As mentioned, a study plan should be straight to the point, short, and crisp. Adding relevant information in a clear and crisp sentence is the best way to make your study plan.
  • State only facts, do not add unnecessary information- Again, adding unnecessary information that is not related to your course might just pull your application down. Add clear facts, dates, and names of the institutions to ensure that the admission committee gets a clear idea of what you want to convey without putting much effort into your documents.
  • Make sure every point is clear and crisp- Yes, most important! Every point you write in your study plan should contain important information. Blabbering in your study plan won’t work and would even result in cancelling your application. Clear and crisp points are the best way to keep it short and simple for yourself and the reader as well.
  • Make sure you get it reviewed by someone who has a stronghold on English writing skills and can edit your study plan perfectly- Do not send the draft without getting it reviewed. Make sure you properly proofread the entire document before sending it. Check for any grammatical errors or punctuation errors to avoid any kind of mistakes.

Important Questions to Be Included in Your Study Plan

As I mentioned above, you have to represent your study plan in a straight and simple way, and it should be short. So, the best way to keep your study plan clear and crisp is to include some most important questions in it and answer them accordingly. The most important questions which you can include are mentioned below –

  1. Reasons for Choosing Canada to Study This is the most important question which you should answer in a positive way. You should explain all the reasons behind choosing Canada for your further study. You can also include the quality of lifestyle in Canada or the suitable environment of their education system. You have to showcase your Interest and excitement here.
  2. What is your long-term educational objective?Studying for any degree in Canada should not only be your ultimate goal. You have to acquire skills and have to show your capabilities there. In this question, you should explain all the points through which Canada will help you academically, how you can grow holistically in Canada as a person, how your degree can enhance your life in a professional way and pay a great path ahead of your career. You should answer all the questions accordingly and also in an impactful way.
  3. Why did you choose Canada for your study and not your own country of residence?Comparison is a must here. You have to compare your own country with Canada. You have to make a difference between pursuing your degree in your own country and in Canada. What are the benefits of pursuing your degree in Canada that are not available in your own country should be the centre of the answer to this question? If you are able to answer these questions very clearly, then it will be easier for your application to qualify by the admission committee.
  4. How will this degree help you in your own country for employment purposes?In this question, you have to mention all the advantages that you will get in your own country after getting the degree from Canada. You can state the name of any company or organization that requires a degree that you will pursue in Canada. There are lots of advantages to getting a degree from a foreign country, so you have to mention all of them (but in a clear way).
  5. What will you specialize in your degree, and how will it help your academic scores? Universities place a premium on academic performance, particularly in business and engineering degrees. So, if you’re applying for such programs, emphasize your academic achievements and work experience to gain an advantage. If you can mention your specialization in an impactful way, then it will definitely be easier for you to cope further.

Study Plan After the Gap in Studies in Canada

What is a study gap?

The interval between your last certification and the recent academic certification is known as the study gap. For example, if you graduated in 2014 and want to pursue post-graduation in 2019, you will have a 5-year study gap. In nations like India, where we may have to stop studying for a variety of reasons, the study gap is very common. When we need to apply for student visas to study abroad, however, it can become a hurdle because Canada is strict about gap year(s).

What is the maximum gap that can be studied in Canada?

Due to the study gap, students encounter numerous problems when applying for a new student license or immigration to Canada. If a student’s study gap is too extensive, pursuing further education in Canada may be difficult.

However, a study gap is acceptable in Canada if the study gap is appropriate and justified. In general, a 2-year study gap is appropriate for undergraduate students, and a 5-year study gap is suitable for postgraduate students. You should, however, check with the university or college where you plan to enrol.

Some Canadian institutions require students to have unique knowledge of a certain topic. They must provide evidence to explain their study gaps in such circumstances. Students may experience a significant study gap at times. The only way out is to provide a solid reason for the year gap.

In Canada, the following year gaps are accepted:

  • Retake of tests due to poor results
  • An unexpected family emergency
  • Health issues
  • Workplace mental collapse Unemployed even after graduation

Students must produce an experience certificate to the college if they worked for a few months and then departed for some reason. If you don’t have an experience certificate, a compensation slip or arrangement letter will suffice.

How can the educational gap be justified?

Students applying for a study visa in Canada in 2022 should consult with visa professionals regarding the requirements and explanations for the study gap. Internal students who wish to study in Canada must first obtain an inhabitant visa from the Canadian High Commission. A study visa can be obtained both online and offline for roughly $150.

Students with a study gap of two years for undergraduate programs and five years for postgraduate studies are accepted in Canada. Keep in mind that the amount of gap that is acceptable for study in Canada varies amongst universities. It all depends on the study gap policy and reasoning.

In the event of a study gap, the following documents are accepted in Canada:

  • Pay stubs.
  • Appointment letter.
  • College or university confirmation letter.
  • Your diploma or other course certificates.

Elements for The Strong Study Plan

Make sure your study plan includes the following to effectively communicate why you’re an outstanding fit for the study program you want to pursue and the school where you want to do it:

  • A clear statement of your objectives and passions – Lead with your educational objective in mind; how is the program you’re considering related to it? Will it serve as your educational foundation? Will it provide you with additional in-depth knowledge (e.g., a master’s or postgraduate degree)? Support your goal by giving a clear account of how you came to this conclusion.
  • Impactful Writing According to your goal – Find new and interesting methods to share your story. Make an effort to make your writing interesting. When writing, keep language, tone, and flow in mind to ensure that the visa officer considers your study plan not only easy to read but also fascinating. Remember that a first draft is just that – take the time to rewrite and improve your work. When you’re ready, have someone with excellent English abilities read it and offer comments for improvement.
  • Provide Research References – The visa officer will want to see that you spent time investigating your study options, so you must be prepared to back up any statements you make about your program’s suitability. Whether your own country offers the same or similar study programs (if so, why do you think the Canadian counterpart is the right program for you), how your home country’s education system differs from Canada’s, and how the educational institution you’re hoping to join compares to other Canadian institutions with similar study programs are some of the points to address here. Don’t skimp on your research; show the officer that you did your homework.
  • Evidence of Past Experiences and Success – Summarize your educational background to this point; name and describe the courses you’ve taken (with start and end dates), and include information on the colleges you’ve attended, the degrees you’ve earned (if any), and the credentials you’ve earned from them. Additionally, you should detail any honourable certificates or medals you have received in this part. Finally, link any relevant employment and volunteer experiences to your current and future goals if they are applicable to your chosen academic or professional route.
  • Show your Interest and how you fit for pursuing the degree – Describe why you’re interested in this particular program. What distinguishes this program from others? What makes it unique from programs in your place of origin or residence? What makes Canada your preferred destination? How will your experience be enhanced by the city where the program is taught?
  • Provide Supporting Documents – Reference any documents that corroborate your past academic and professional endeavours in your study permit application packet to give the officer additional solid proof that what you’re expressing in your study plan is true.
  • Give a piece of proper information about why you are attending this Canadian school and program – Why did you choose this Canadian university or college? Mention the important points that influenced your decision to attend this school. Cost, class size, and/or distance from the centre are the most common factors. I included a brief outline of my selected program in my SOP and explained how it could help me advance professionally. I largely relied on material from the school’s website, which includes information about the course program.
  • Plan after study – This is the most crucial aspect. I believe visa officers are interested in learning more about your intentions once you finish your course, not just your financial account or travel background. Please do not tell the VO that you have plans to return to the UAE, Saudi Arabia, or any other country. The only country you must mention is the one in which you were born. You must establish your own country; what opportunities, for example, do you have in the Philippines? With international skills, discuss your country’s economic forecast in terms of domestic demand. You might also state that you will be able to achieve your long-term aim of starting a business. Give full information about future perspectives.


Many students dream of studying in Canada because it provides more possibilities, a higher standard of living, and a higher income. However, many Indian student visas are denied for trivial and irresponsible reasons such as making the wrong choice, providing incorrect information, lacking study plans, and so on.

Writing a decent study plan will pave the way for the start of your life in Canada, so give it your all and seek help when needed. You can also consult the best SOP writing services in Delhi in case you are struggling to write the study plan on your own. We, at Contentholic have the best SOP writers in Delhi who can help you in writing a great study plan for Canada.