The application for acquiring a spouse visa is a tough one, particularly if the refusal rate for these is the highest in many countries. You are required to collect loads of documents to be submitted to prove the genuineness of your relationship. One of these many documents is the SOP for Spouse visa. It is your relationship statement that you must submit to the Visa Officer. We will talk about some insights regarding SOP for Spouse Visa Canada, Australia, New Zealand and other countries which ask for SOP for your dependent such as spouse.

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What is an SOP for a Spouse Visa?

An SOP for spouse visa is basically your relationship statement that you provide to the visa officers. It is to make your case before them and request them to make the decision in your favour and grant the visa to your partner.

Now different countries have different requirements. For example, Australia allows partner visas to fiancé while Canada doesn’t. Canada only permits spouse visas to a spouse, conjugal partner and common-law partners.

What is the Importance of SOP for a Partner Visa?

Your statement letter for a spouse visa is extremely important to get you the approval to stay with your partner. Your statement letter gives the case officers an insight into your relationship. They need to ensure that your relationship is genuine. Since your statement gives an overview of your relationship, through your statement only, they can determine that. So, a good statement letter will ensure that you get to stay with your spouse.

How to Write a Good SOP for a Partner Visa?

Writing a winning partner visa is extremely important if you wish to get it approved. It is good if you take a look at some sample sop for spouse visa before you start writing one to get a fair idea. You can also consult Visa SOP writing services to take the help of professional Visa SOP writers to ensure the quality of your SOP. For now, here are some points you should remember to write a convincing statement for a partner visa.

  1. Mention all the relevant dates of your relationship

Your statement letter must have all the details, and so you must include all the relevant dates. Mention dates of when you first met, when you started dating, when you got engaged and when you got married. All the dates help in making your case strong. The case officer will review all the details, and in the absence of these, you might see requests for more details.

  1. The dates mentioned should match the formal documents

Dates regarding divorces, tenancy agreements, engagement and wedding dates or other important ones like date of birth are extremely important. There should be no discrepancy in any dates in your statement, application and documents. Else, it would lead to the case officer questioning the validity of your application.

  1. Must include all the required information

Your statement letter must include all the relevant and required details. These include:

  • Financial aspects: You need to mention your financial specifics individually and together as a couple. For individually, include details to tell that you can manage your own finances there. This is to ensure that you’ll not be a financial burden on your partner. Financial details as a couple should include details like how you support each other financially. You may also include your financial goals together as a couple, how you manage them together, etc.
  • Social aspects: You should include things like the interests you share, activities you do together, things you like to do or any social events you enjoy together.
  • Commitment aspects: The case officer should be able to draw out your commitment towards your partner from your statement. So add information on how committed you’re to each other and what are your future plans together.
  • Development aspects: Give an overall review of how your relationship developed over the time you have spent together.
  1. Ensure that you give all the information in detail

Any information you add in your statement letter should be in great detail. Adding stories like how you met or any of your special stories when you spent time together should be mentioned. The “emotional quotient” is of utmost importance in your letter. So, do not shy away from telling how you felt or how good it was in your statement.

  1. Ensure consistency in your statement letter

All the information added in your statement should be consistent with the details added in your application. There should be no ambiguity in any information, such as dates in your statement letter and the application form.

  1. Your statement letter should be consistent with your partner’s statement

The details you mention in your statement letter should be consistent with the details your partner mentioned in theirs. The case officer will not look at it kindly if there’s any ambiguity in any of the details mentioned regarding your relationship. Consistent and matching statements are crucial to show the genuineness of your relationship.

  1. Express your emotions elaborately

Do not shy away from expressing your love for your partner. Do not worry about sounding over-the-top romantic. The more you express it, the better it’ll work for you. It will work in your favour as the relationship will look serious and genuine to the case officer. So freely mention how much you love your partner, how living separately pains you both and how much you’d like to be back with them.

  1. Give details on any time you spent apart, how you maintained communication, and about holidays taken together

If you have spent any time apart, mention about your long-distance relationship. Also, mention about the time you’re spending apart currently. Explain how you communicate during these periods, how you travelled during this time to see them and what all you did together. Especially mention how this time apart is hard on you both, emotionally and work-wise. Also, given that the officers would be interested in knowing your travel history, be ready with all the details regarding that as well.

  1. Ensure there are no semantic or syntactical errors

Grammatical and semantic errors show that you didn’t put enough effort into your statement letter. It will also not allow the case officer to understand your case properly. So, it does not leave a very good impression on the case officer. So, ensure that your letter is error-free and you explain everything properly.

  1. Proofread your statement letter

It is extremely important to proofread your statement letter multiple times to ensure its quality. Do it yourself, distribute it among your qualified friends to review it or go to professional visa SOP writers to get an objective review. Your statement letter should be simple and efficiently explain everything.

Work Permit

Several countries like Canada allow the spouse to apply for an open work permit. It is not job-specific and therefore does not require any formalities required for a work visa like labour assessment. The spouse can apply for a work visa as long as you have a valid study visa. Moreover, you also need to be eligible for a post-graduation work permit, and you’re a full-time student. The work permit is valid for as long as your study visa is.

Your spouse can apply for a work permit before or after you arrive in the country. They do not need to have a job before applying for the permit. They can do the job hunt after they arrive there. The application formalities are handled online.


An SOP for partner visa needs to be handled deftly. You need to ensure that you include all the required details in your SOP. This mainly includes four things:

  • Shared financial responsibilities
  • Nature of your household
  • Future commitment
  • Social activities

Adding “Emotional factor” is crucial to make a convincing statement. Therefore, you need to mention all the dates and details of your relationship. Expressing your feelings towards your partner, how difficult your time is without them and how important it is to be there with them will help. But everything added needs to be true and consistent with your application documents. Therefore, all you need for a winning statement letter for a visa is honesty and accuracy presented in great structure and detail.