Why are you interested in obtaining a Columbia MBA in the future? (300 words maximum)

Scrolling through an enormous list of universities to find the best for my calling, I came across a quote that said University should be a place of light, of liberty and learning. This inspired my quest to look for a platform, that not only just provides me with fundamental education on the subject but also equips me with foundational means of living. CBS values growth and acknowledges the dynamism of an MBA which is my area of study. My focus is to find an all-covering curriculum that includes technological intervention in the business world. The course here, fortunately, accommodates it. Being enchanted by the powers of technology and what could it do when entering different fields, has pulled me to sort out a management career that combines both business and technology. Apart from this, CBS hopes to bring positive changes in its students through challenging setups. I love this aspect as I am the kind of person who propels myself to take up and win challenges for good. Turning vegan to reduce my negative impact on the environment is one such feat of my life. This competence allows one to overpower strenuous situations, which I feel is important for the professional sector. CBS powerfully imbibes this in its students and I am looking forward to it. Being in such a welcoming university and environment, I aspire to meet like-minded people and those who have an ingenious perspective on life. I wish to interact with them, learn from them and form a lucrative network for my personal and professional life. Columbia is a perfect stage for my aspiration that will allow me to enjoy the liberty to be around people from various walks of life, enlighten me through their perspectives and well-devised coursework and finally acquire skills through comprehensive learning.

Who is a leader you admire, and why? (300 words maximum)

Learning and reading about a reader from the internet and books, and perceiving them as inspiration is one thing while seeing and living with a true leader is an incredible thing. Having seen my grandfather from a young age, I have found him to be a true leader who stood resilient in times of difficulty. He worked as the Senior Manager of the financial department of Margadarsi a financial firm that provided chit fund service. Being in a leading position he was always obliged to help others and seek solutions whenever stuck. He was associated with the company from its initial stages and had a fiscal responsibility that he fulfilled brilliantly with his buoyant attitude, skills and knowledge. He was a reliable and hardworking employee whom the company admired for his work. While everything was going well, the company at one point in life was accused of fraud under some political agenda. Being in this situation of a travesty the company feared its doom. My grandfather being among them worked to solve issues and stood anchored with truth bringing forth the facts. His mettle was applauded by the company and it was his determination that solidified the roots of the company. With this incident I realised the verity of the adage that goes that ‘leadership put very simply is the ability to inspire and guide others towards a common goal or objective’, and he did exactly what defined his true leadership. I admire him for his unrelenting mien which made him steadfast in times of need, he found it his responsibility to support the company at the time of need and did it solely as his loyalty towards it.  I look up to him for the selfless leadership agility that he exhibited and came forth as worthy of success.

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