Below is the Sample LOE for Canada Study Permit After Refusal With 5 years Study Gap


The Visa Officer

High Commission of Canada

Sub: Application in response to study permit refused on xx/05/2022 (S304873455) 

Dear Sir/Madam,

I, hereby take this opportunity to introduce myself as Arjun Sampath, an Indian national, bearing passport number<add figure>. I am a qualified advocate wishing to transform my skills to integrate my learnings into the rich HR industry in India. However, to ascertain a full-fledged career as a legal practitioner and an HR consultant in future, I certainly need to pursue formal training in this domain. Hence, I have chosen to pursue a Graduate Certificate in Human Resource Management at Niagara College while I chose Georgian College earlier. I have also received admission for the January 2023 intake from Niagara College but my visa refusal earlier has prompted me to write to you via the medium of this application and offer valid reasoning in support of my candidacy as a genuine temporary entrant to Canada.

The purpose of my rejection has been listed below:

I am not satisfied that you will leave Canada at the end of your stay, as stipulated in subsection 216(1) of the IRPR, based on the purpose of your visit. 

Academic and professional history

From a very tender age, I knew how to express my emotions and speak the right words at the right time. This trait of mine often led my parents to talk about my communicative skills profoundly. At least they knew that I would also get attracted to such a profession(s). Hence, after completing my senior school in 2012, I enrolled in a five years Bachelor’s program, B.A LLB and passed it in 2017. I also became an active member of the District Bar Association, Jalandhar followed by the completion of my graduation. Throughout my stint as an advocate, I had impressive exposure to dealing with different disputes and conflicts associated with legal agencies, civil workers, labour and employer issues, employee conflict arbitration, and resolution. Having rendered freelance services as an advisor to my father’s small-scale business firm, SR Trader and another firm, Kuldip Kumar Raj Kumar, I became familiar with activities related to ensuring business processes, strategies, and actions comply with all relevant local, state, federal and international laws; Drafting, reviewing, completing, and filing legal contract related to business operation; handling cases regarding labour disputes, health and safety concerns and many more. It furthered my interest in the field of HRM as I realized how vital is its role in the new era of businesses and how much it is valued by larger corporations.

Motivation to pursue the program

I am the owner of an extrovert personality and possess a flair for fighting for others’ rights. As a result of this, I chose to study law in the initial days of my learning after school while I also have certification as an Advocate from the bar council in 2017. Over time, I have also worked as a legal advisor and consultant to well-established organizations which introduced me to the working of a firm more intricately than otherwise. Time and again I have reformed their policies for refining the HR process which served as a great motivator for me to try my hands-on training as an HR professional. As I combine the working of a legal practitioner and an HR professional, I find the role of HR pivotal in deciding the success of an organization while framing policies in coordination with the legal practitioner. However, my understanding as a legal practitioner invigorated a desire in me to embrace the knowledge of human resources to solidify my foothold in bigger corporations in India which prefers hiring professionals offering a combination of legal expertise and HR knowledge. Anticipating a brighter future in this industry, I jumped to expanding my qualifications and giving my career a much-needed boost from advisory services to the role of a learned HR professional.

Why Canada and why Niagara College?

Canada is one of the warmest and most happening study destinations which also promised advanced training and education support to its international aspirants. I have conducted thorough research before finalizing this country as my future study. The proven facts around industry-intensive courses, umpteen colleges, dedicated faculty, diverse population, learning opportunities, and applied learning gave me solid reasoning towards embracing the opportunity to fulfill my education pursuits in Canada. Moreover, the idea of studying indigenously did not support the motive of gaining international exposure which I desperately want at this point in my career, especially considering my expansion to the arena of human resource management which is technically more advanced on the academic front in Canada than my country of residence. The study system in my country is based on conceptual learning while in Canada it is practically enriching and promises me to gain exquisite applied learning. However, my analysis of the course reviewed at Niagara College gives me enough confidence about the right selection of the study program based on my learning criteria. I will study topics such as HR Management Systems & HR Metrics, Organizational Training and Development, Business Management and Organizational Behavior, Employment Law, and Industrial and Labour Relations in which I am less proficient or possess a microscopic view in terms of performing at an organizational level. Hence, I want to enhance my understanding of the same and combine my legal knowledge of labour relations and welfare with modern HR practices. It will add to my future growth and promise to offer the right blend of skills to function in private and government corporations in my home country. By educating in this course, I would be able to create, implement, and evaluate employee-related activities and welfare schemes at an organizational level in which I am not well-versed. Hence, I strongly believe that it is the perfect study choice for me to equip myself with formal training at Niagara College. My research about the college convinces me about its advanced pedagogy and umpteen selection of industry-leading faculty members in its panel. The availability of a multicultural assortment and unbiased study atmosphere further fuels my confidence about studying at this college.

Reasons to return to India

My family is my strongest tie in India which includes my father, mother, and younger sister. I am the only son of my parents and legally the sole heir of my family assets. Therefore, my responsibilities are huge too. My parents depend on me as they grow older. My father is a businessman and agriculturist and my mother is an entrepreneur running a successful boutique. My younger sister has recently moved to Canada to fulfill her study plans, after which she will also return home just like me. I have responsibilities towards my younger sister too whose responsibility is on my shoulder as well. Our voluminous assets also need me to manage the entire property and wealth so that I can relieve my father from such duties. As I am closely attached to my family, I want to contribute to their financial freedom and serve them emotionally as much as they have contributed to my journey of success and served encouragement and support to follow my study pursuits back home.

Career Goals

I hold remarkable knowledge of legal aspects associated with firms and big organizations. However, to swiftly embrace a career in the HR industry, I must fulfill my short-term objective of gaining high-ended education and training in Canada. Gaining international exposure will expose me to a plethora of opportunities back home. I aim to combine my legal knowledge with the core understanding of modern HRM practices. Along with my knowledge of arbitration and conflict resolution within the firm HRM knowledge will help me in playing a crucial role in managing human capital and human resource more efficiently, especially in blue-collar multinational companies such as Netscape India Pvt Ltd., Air India, Indigo Airways, State Bank of India, Tech Mahindra Group, Reliance Industries, etc. Moreover, my in-depth knowledge of the human resource industry will allow me to fetch a rewarding career in companies like careerNet Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Quess corp Ltd., Randstad India Pvt. Ltd., ManpowerGroup Services India Pvt. Ltd. Eventually, as I transform to become an entrepreneur and professional consultant in the longer run, I am sure that my learnings will help me in becoming an avid service provider and a human resource veteran.


I have thoroughly compared the financial implications of studying in Canada and with the sponsorship of my parents, I have been able to pay the tuition fee of CAD 18054 to the college and deposited CAD 10000 into the GIC account. Proof of payment has been enclosed herewith. My father and mother earn a total annual income of CAD 7924.83 and CAD 8073.11. We also own movable assets of CAD 49427.19 and immovable assets of CAD 494271.90. Evidence showing our financial worth has been attached herewith for your kind perusal. Having proved my financial eligibility, I have also keenly fulfilled the language proficiency test for becoming eligible to study in Canada. I have obtained an overall score of 7.0 (Listening 8.5, Reading 6.0, Writing 6.5, Speaking 6.5). My IELTS score card is enclosed for your kind perusal.

I take full ownership of the details presented to you in this application and I pledge to follow all the Canadian Immigration Rules throughout my stay in Canada. I am greatly thankful for the opportunity to study in Canada which is my farthest dream come true and I promise to make every minute count with learning and enthusiasm. I shall be greatly obliged to you for allowing me a valid Canadian visa permit.

Your Sincerely,

Arjun Sampath

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