Below is the Sample SOP for Computer Science, USA

There are certain things that pervade into your senses so much so that you only intend to work on or around them.  My under graduation also exposed me to such an interesting arena through which I could maintain large data. I was thoroughly interested and very enthusiastic to study Machine Learning. While I studied it, I was not aware of my cognizance of the subject. This knowledge culminated into a concrete understanding when I worked on a project based on Machine Learning, titled,’…………..’ During the work, I understood the dependency of the entire Artificial Intelligence world over the concept of machine learning. This helped me gain profound assimilation of the concept. With that said, I now wish to dive deep into the field and gain a Master’s degree in Computer Science. 

This interest became more intense when I won a National Level Coding competition called ‘Neural Hack’. This feat brought me closer to my interest of pursuing Computer Science as I was encouraged when I created a project on Weather along with an IOT project within 30 hours. I was absolutely thrilled as these achievements were now a benchmark that I had created for myself. Based on these, I wanted to do more and gain more enlightenment.  For this, I participated in a workshop on IOT conducted at the BITS Pilani, Hyderabad campus. This furthered my inclination. 

Besides these projects, I also worked on academic projects. My projects in college were all based on data and helped me gain a good grasp on the concept of Big Data, and programming languages such as C and Java. I also learned to work on Eclipse for one of my projects based on Java with Eclipse and IDE as tools. The project was titled as,’ Coffee Online Door Services’. It was a web application and the learning from this was immense. 

Subsequently, the same year in December 2017, I worked on yet another wonderful project. This was entitled ‘, Extraction of main Content from Web pages’. As a part of the project, I gained a perspective about how Python is used as a programming language. I was enthralled to have learned it as learning new concepts is something that I invariably look forward too. Since the project was based on removing unwanted data, I dealt with nothing but data, giving me hands on experience on how a project is done when data is all that is involved. I learned extraction and management of data which will certainly supplement my learning during the MS in Computer Science. 

Consequentially, my internship has also played a vital role in helping me realize how much I admired the field of Computer Science. I worked closely on Machine Learning and Big Data aspects of Computer Science. Owing to my performance, I got an opportunity to work as an intern at CloudEdz. I worked there in……. and as a part of my internship, I worked on ……………………… This option paved way towards my future goals. After a thorough experience, I gained an intense understanding of the scope of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. I was motivated to continue working in the field. My earlier stint with this organization during my national level project competition proved to be helpful and developed a comfort zone. I had established that getting an opportunity here to work would prove to be fruitful for my career as I will learn a lot. This thought metamorphosed into a reality when I started working with them in June 2018. Since then I am working with CloudEdz as Computer Assistant. 

In this position, ………………….

All these experiences have allowed me an expansion and given a headway to my dreams. Having scrupulously studied about concepts such as Data Structure, Computer Organization, Digital Logic Design, Operating System, Computer Networks and Algorithms I now wish to streamline my learning in a particular direction and gain comprehensively about Data and Machine Learning. To fulfill this ambition, Master’s from your University will be an ideal platform. After completing my course, I want to establish my footing in the organization where I can utilize my knowledge. I look forward to working with companies such as……….. as……….. In this role, I want to devise an application that would require a minimum set of instructions. With the degree of time, I wish to climb the ladder of hierarchy and gain a more substantial position in the same field. 

With that thought, reaching out to my goals is possible only when I study at your distinguished University that has a comprehensive syllabus. I am influenced by the curriculum that covers………………. These subjects entail a deep knowledge of Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and hence my choice. I am impressed with the work of professors………………..who teach these subjects. I will be glad if I get an opportunity to study under their guidance. Their erudition will enlighten me and I can be more definite in my path of attaining my goals. 

Aside to the academics, I have also been active in other activities that are purely extracurricular. I have been actively involved in the Youth parliament conducted by an organization called, ‘Vijayawada Needs you’ where I worked to gain experience about how public health and welfare is done. Other than this, I play basketball and participate in Dance competitions to keep me focused. Through these participations, I have found myself more disciplined and have also developed team spirit. 

So far, I have been enriched with a lot of knowledge, and I wish to continue the pursuit of my  relentless learning. Master’s is certainly going to stimulate my knowledge and will help me manifest my dreams. I look forward to being a part of your University and not just gain but also contribute through my learning. 

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According to the above SOP example for Computer Science in the USA, it can be seen that the applicant has a strong passion for the course and a strong motivation to continue their studies in this field. The academic background and professional experience of the applicant are well articulated and relevant to the intended course of study. The applicant highlights their strengths in programming, problem solving, and analytical thinking, which are fundamental skills in the field of computer science. Overall, the above sample is a well-written, comprehensive SOP that effectively demonstrates the applicant’s qualifications, motivation, and fit for the intended course of study. 

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