Below is the Sample SOP for Data Analytics, Ireland

Information is the oil of the 21st century, and analytics is the combustion engine” Peter Sondergaard, Senior Vice President at Gartner could not have put it more succinctly. Indeed, Big data and analytics are transforming the way modern business is transacted; the company with an ear to the pulse of consumer data will be the strategic winner of the future. Today, data is no less than liquid gold and its immense possibilities can only be explored through computational analytics. My academic and professional journey has laid a firm foundation of sound technical, numerical and managerial skills. Data Analytics strikes the pitch perfect cord, empowering me with skills to work at the intersection of technology and analytics. Thus, I wish to further my erudition in this domain by pursuing this trail-blazing Masters Program in Data Analytics from your prestigious college. 

My innate affinity for Mathematics and an inclination towards the STEM domain was the impetus behind my decision to pursue engineering. Getting admission into the Bachelor of Engineering Program (Electronics and Computers) from M.B.M Engineering College, Jodhpur was the beginning of a transformative journey for me. I continued nurturing my passion for technology through coursework in Calculus, Engineering Mathematics, Statistics, C++, Computer Architecture and organisation, operating systems, Data Structures & algorithms, Design of Databases, Object Oriented Programming , Embedded systems etc. The plethora of projects, coursework and additional courses during my under-graduation provided a sound platform for further studies in analytics and computing. The core engineering courses helped me to acquire intensive mathematical and logical reasoning skills, which were further tested and honed during my internship and projects. To gain hands-on industry experience I interned at Edubotix Innovations, Ahmedabad, Gujarat as a Trainee. I worked on designing an Automated Toll Plaza system for the company using Embedded C for coding, microcontroller, IR sensor, Bluetooth & GSM module for designing the model. Perhaps the proudest moment of my BE program was building my final year project on Business Information Systems ‘Cloud Gluster’. I implemented the knowledge on cloud computing gained during my final year internship at Regional Remote Sensing Service Centre (ISRO) in the project. Using Django (Python framework, HTML, javascript, css), I developed a front-end module for the user interface and a back-end module for the actual database. The unparalleled sense of achievement on building something of value instilled confidence and a sense of purpose. 

Apart from academics, I have actively participated in co-curricular activities, partaking in and organizing various cultural and technical events at the university. Amongst the most memorable is the 1st prize in Encarta’13 for a multilevel programming competition. Theatre is close to my heart and as a part of the college theatre group, I have performed in many street-plays, professional plays, mimes, and several skits. We worked for various social causes such as cleanliness, corruption, and ill-voting practices under the sponsorship of NGOs and governmental organizations like Jodhpur Municipal Corporation and the Election Commission of India. 

Post my graduation, I joined Sears Holdings India as an Associate Engineer Analyst. This valuable industry experience saw me sharpening my analytical skills, managing various analytic services on the Google Cloud platform. From analysing historical transactional and campaigns data to discovering trends and insights using SQL and Excel, I have honed and whetted my appetite for analytics. The knowledge that I have gained through my academic and professional journey has helped me to develop critical thinking and gain the educational skill set which will serve me well in a future program in Analytics.  My desire to explore the full spectrum of emerging technologies like Analytics and Big data, and adding a leading edge to my professional skills are the impetus behind my decision to pursue a Masters Degree in Analytics. In the next five years, I envision myself as an expert in implementing my newly acquired data skills for business processes in renowned global corporations. My penchant for excellence is behind the burning desire to be an undisputed expert in the data-centric world- a go-to person to solving a problem, howsoever esoteric/complex/unreal/challenging it may be…

The National College of Ireland is my first choice for an academic destination as it is the foremost Irish University with cutting–edge instruction methodology, and state-of-the-art research infrastructure. Ireland boasts of Colleges with a pedagogy focussed on research and innovation while NCI is a leading specialist college with dedicated educators who go the extra mile. Learning from distinguished faculty who are proven experts in the domain, with insights into emerging analytical technologies and frameworks promises to be an exciting educational experience. I look forward to exploring Data mining, Statistics for Data Analytics, Data Visualization and Data warehousing, gaining vital skills to lead in the Data science domain. The courses in Data mining and Business Intelligence, Data driven decision making and Analytical CRM will provide me with analytical tools and their practical application in various business scenarios while equipping me with essential management skills. The university’s strong industry network, industry research projects and case studies will ensure that the students hit the ground running. Moreover, NCI’s post graduation employment record of 96% is testimony to the fact that the learners are groomed into empowered professionals, ready to meet global business challenges. 

To transcend international borders and interact with a multi-ethnic student populace, exchanging knowledge and experiences will be the culmination of a long cherished dream for me. I bring with me technical knowledge, a passion for analytics and experiences deepened in industry. The National College is a beautiful mélange of extraordinary academicians and a supremely talented student community. I am keen to gain from the rich cultural ethos of the institution, participating in the intellectual fervour, cutting-edge research projects, vibrant student organizations and all the incredible resources available at the National College. It would indeed be an honour to be a part of the invigorating intellectual environment at NCI, and I resolve to use each moment of this wonderful opportunity to chart my own path to excellence.

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